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Dork diaries:

No description

sarah monestinme

on 23 August 2015

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Transcript of Dork diaries:

When Mackenzie finds Nikki's diary the Dork Diaries series take a twist and shows Mackenzie point of view. Everyone at school thinks that Mackenzie lives the perfect rich life but who would of known she had a bratty sister, Backstabbing best friend, and issues regarding the media. After an embarrassing video of Mackenzie was posted anonymously(she thinks Nikki did it) Mackenzie decides she wants to transfer to a new school.
Mackenzie sister,Amanda, a spoil brat will cry for anything she desire and parents that are barley home(not that Mackenzie minds). Even though Mackenzie is rich she still have problems because no one is perfect.
Dork diaries:
Tales from a NOT-SO- Dorky Drama Queen

Sarah Monestime
Rachel Renee Russell
Setting and time
Major characters
Character's physical and personality traits
Author's theme
My Opinion
Westchester Country Day Middle School
Queasy Cheesy takeout
The Mall
The story took place during the month of April
Nikki Maxwell Mackenzie Hollister
Chloe Garcia Zoey Franklin

Brandon Robert

Nikki, Mackenzie, and Brandon
is a wealthy, spoiled, and self- centered. She is very competitive and will do anything to win.
Mackenzie has blonde hair and icy blue eyes. The story says she wear blonde extensions and get spray on tans.

When Nikki tells off Brandon thinking it was Mackenzie their friendship takes a turn for the worst.
Later on Brandon left a letter on Nikki's locker asking can they meet up and talk but Mackenzie took the letter off causing Nikki to miss it. Because of what Mackenzie did Brandon thought Nikki didn't want to be friends and decided he should move on
After a few weeks Nikki finally found her diary and apologized to Brandon about all that happened between them even though Brandon didn't believe her but he came around a few minutes later
The book was very detailed so I appreciated that. But in all honestly this was a very good book and a interesting.
This book also showed me that just because Mackenzie is rich and pretty doesn't mean she has a perfect life.

the author's theme is just because someone is rich and pretty doesn't mean they don't have problems.Noo matter how hard they try to hide it.
of the story is that Mackenzie pretend she lives a perfect life just because she's rich but in reality she facing just as much problems than everyone she looks down to.
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