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Abraham Lincoln

The life of Abraham Lincoln.

Morgan Mellor

on 1 December 2010

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Transcript of Abraham Lincoln

Meet Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln was the 16th president. He was president at
a very hard time. That
time was the Civil war. Before he became president he had to live the life a boy So lets go back to the 1809 thats when Lincoln was born He was born in the state of Kentucky. his nickname is Abe The school he went to was called "Blab" With little school
Abe learn to read
and write at the age of 11 his family moved to Indiana his father, Thomas, bought a land called Pigeon Creek When the family had guess over he would
sit under the table and listen to their
conversion. After building a cabin and
living through a hard winter
things started to get better
for the Lincoln family. The good time did last long. There mother, Nancy, got sick with
"milk-sick". It came from drinking a sick
cows milk. On an October morning Nancy Lincoln died. Thomas remarried to Mrs. Lincoln his father taught him to farm. A lot of time he would read by the fire Abe's hero was George Washington He would read
about the laws. his father didn't like that Abe would read so much. He called him "A great lazybones." at the age of 19 he was already 6ft 4in. tall. He was a very hard worker. at 21 his father moved to Illinois By this time he lived on his own. He lived in New Salem He worked as a storekeeper. The people said that he was the most honest person The store fail. So he worked as a mailman He would put the letters in his hat. Everyone love him! He was a real gentleman. He would do anything for the ladies. he was good at talking about politics he was alway up to date
on what was going on
He wanted to be a represetatives He didn't have time because a war started in Illinois. He went to fight it Abe was asked to be the captain. All the men marched
off in April. The war was over before they even got there. In 1834 he was elected
as one of the Illinois state representatives. One night he went to a party and thats went he met Mary Todd. Mary Todd later became his wife. he had 3 sons name Robert, William and Thomas. he was representative for 8 years in 1847 he was elected him into United states Congress Lincoln was voted out of the representative. He became a lawyer for 5years In 1854 something happens that got Lincoln back to the politics They were trying to pass a law that said that people could vote on owning slaves. This made Lincoln very mad! He made speeches against this law. he was in debate with
Stephen Douglas. Lincoln ran for senator in 1858
against Douglas. They debated 7 times and thousand came to hear them out. Lincoln was called big giant and Douglas was called little giant. Their debate is know as the Great debates. He didn't win the election. In 1860 he ran for preisent he won this time! he would step
into the office
on March 4, 1861 At the time he stepped
into office 7 south state
were mad so the broke off
and became their own state. They called themsevles
the Conferate of America They elected Jefferson Davis as their president. Lincoln gave a speech said that we
need to stay one nation. After that war broke out. One side (south) fought for the
own their own country. Ther other (north) fought to
keep the country together. The first battle was won by the Confeferacy (south) Lincoln cared for all the soilders. They would call him Father Abraham. He wrote a paper called Emancipation proclamation. It said that all slaves were free. Later he gave a speech know as the Gettyburg Address. It was only 3 minutes and it was the most beautiful
speech ever made. The war lasted 4years. 2years into the war Lincoln found a general who could win the battles. One of those men were Ulysses S. Grant. A law was passed in Janurary 1865 saying salves would be free forever. April 9, the confederates surrendered. The war was FINALLY OVER!!!! That night Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln went to see a play. They were having a great time. Until Lincoln was shot in the back of the head. Early the next morning he died
He was a great leader because he wasn't afaird to
fail, he was afaird to try, and he wasn't afaird to
stand up for what he believed in.
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