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feudalism and manorialism

No description

Anthony Baldacchino

on 26 August 2013

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Transcript of feudalism and manorialism

Groups who existed in this society and the similarities, differences and relationships between them.
To Conclude
Are there any Questions?
By the Orange Group

How was feudalism and manorialism organized?
Created in 1066.
Due to Vikings and Barbarian attacks.
Manorialism created by Charlemagne, a frank King.
William the conqueror created Feudalism.
Primary Source
What developments and achievements influenced feudalism and manorialism?
Developed to keep society stable and safe.
The system was built on relationships with a lord.
it influenced many people through Europe.
The Feudalism Pyramid
Kings to Peasants all had duties.
He created manorialism
was the first holy king
Manorialism was the economic
system that supported Feudalism.
Over 6 foot tall.
Married 5 times.
Had blond hair.
Born April, 2, 742CE.
Conquered many battles.
How and why did feudalism and manorialism change?
The rise of towns weekend both Feudalism and Manorialism over time.
Merchants, lawyers and many other jobs often refused to follow the rules.
Made in England in the 1070's.
Made by Normans.
Made to congratulate King Williams.
The manorialism system worked on organization of agriculture and craft production.
The feudalism system is legal relationship between the lord and the vassal.
What is feudalism and manorialism?
Got their throne from their fathers.
Their fathers got their thrones from the Pope.
Kings would Sometimes would argue with the Popes.

Head of the church.
Represented God on earth.
Pope had the power to punish all the people who would breech the rules of the church.

The Nobles
Would take care of the King as well as the peasants.
Would provide Military Services, Supplies and Money.
Would provide peasants with safety and work.
Could be named a Lord, Duke or Count.
Owned land by the order of a Lord.
Important part of feudalism.
Could be Knights if they choose.
Some worked with the King.
Craftsmen and farmers were respected.
Craftsmen produced goods.
Craftsmanship flowed through the family.
Craftsmen were free unlike farmers.
Farmers provided food and worked the land.
Their life had no value.
Life was very difficult.
Only had one or two pairs of cloths (which were not very good)
Would slip on straw mats.
Pope Felis lll, a Pope from medieval times.
King Edward ll, a King from medieval times.
Something a Noble would wear in medieval times.
Something a vassal would wear.
An artists impression of Craftsmen at work.
Cloths that a peasant would wear.
The End
Thank you for listening!
We hope you have a great day!
Secondary Source
William the conqueror
Crowned king of England.
Created feudalism in 1066.
Died on the 9th of September 1087.
Born in 1028
Crowned king on Christmas Day 1066
Williams wife Matilda was only 4 feet 2 inches tall
Feudalism and Manorialism
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