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Copy of Cell Analogy: Circus

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Nick Mck

on 13 October 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Cell Analogy: Circus

Endoplasmic Reticulum
Golgi Complex
Cell Membrane
The Mitochondria supplies the and the crowd is the mitochondria because its cheers urge the performers to continue performing
The Endoplasmic Reticulum (ER) is the intercellular highway it is similar to a hallway the tents leading up to the "Big" tent are the hallways to get around the cell.
Lysomes break down waste and throw away the waste, the circus workers who help maintain the cleanliness of the circus and around the area.
The Vacuole stores the material for the cells and the train cars and cages store the animals, the tent and the other materials the circus might need to make the circus, a circus.
The Vesicles carry substances throughout the cell, in my opinion i believe the animal trainers do the same exact job but with animals they make sure the animals go to the correct location at the correct time.
The Golgi Complex checks, modifies and packages the protiens, i think the manager, assistant manager and the ringleader all share this job because they have to make sure that the circus is running smoothly in the end. By packing all the animals up and making sure they go to the correct location next and making any adjustments neccessary to make the animals comfortable. Also they must do this for the materials they use for the circus they make sure the tents are packed up smoothly and they fix the tents if they need to be fixed.
The Cell Membrane controls what is inputed or outputed in the cell, the ticket sellers and the security make sure that only customers, newspapers, venders and the performers are allowed into the circus and make sure that nobody steals anything or makes a disruptance.
The Nucleus is the control system of a cell, it makes sure that each part is doing what is neccessary to make the cell successfull. The Ringleader does the same exact thing with a circus he/she makes sure that everything is in its place and if it is not they fix it.
Cell Analogy
The Ribosomes link together the amino acids to make protein, they are like the people purchasing the tickets. If the people were not purchasing the tickets then the circus would not be able to go on, like in a cell if the protein was not created then the cell would not work out very well.
The Cell is like.......
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