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Mundane Object - Aesthetics of Fashion & Design

No description

Chelsea McPeek

on 4 February 2013

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Transcript of Mundane Object - Aesthetics of Fashion & Design

Finally Advertising
Negative space is emphasized in the vignette background of this ad allowing the subject matter to pop.

The note cards accentuate diagonal and horizontal lines which displays movement.

The dotted line running across the subjects head is an implied line.

The tubular note cards represents a flat effect. Apparel The silhouette of the two designs is based on a tubular structure emphasizing the rectangular shape of the note card.
The dress shirt, being the main feature between the two designs has an achromatic color scheme on one side and a chromatic color scheme on the flip side of it, emphasizing the functional use of the note card.
Due to the flattening affect of the tubular shape, the diagonal lines of the sweater and collar are being used to create movement and interest.
All five fabrics chosen for the designs are made of at least 50% cotton giving them a matte finish to accentuate the smooth tactile texture of the note card Interior Design Architecture The Silhouette of this architectural structure is created by using diagonal and horizontal lines which are also represented on the index card.

The tubular windows of this architecture flip open and close in a diagonal direction which causes the structure to lose the flat effect.

This structure uses a multitude of positive space using the Achromatic color white; Symbolic to the Index card.

The windows and the shield of the panels use Chromatic color. The actual horizontal lines of the shelves and the red line painted across the ceiling add width to the room .
The achromatic white walls, flooring, and furniture express clean and crisp qualities in the design. These white walls also represent negative space, thus emphasizing the chromatic accents.
The chromatic blue hue expresses the reliability and business aspect of a note card.
Tubular shapes are implemented many times throughout this design. The rectangular room, coffee table, couch, and rug give the design a flat feeling similar to that of a rectangular note card. Interior design
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