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Current talent identification programmes

Current talent identification programmes

junaid khaliq

on 12 April 2016

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Transcript of Current talent identification programmes

Current Talent identification programmes
Talent identification programmes
London 2012 - it could be you
Talent Transfer
Talent identification checklists
Scouting programmes and criteria
Used by organisations such as UK Sport and the Australian institute for Sport to try to identify talented athletes in a range of sports
Learning outcomes
Number of talent programmes used within the UK
From success of Beijing 2008 .. number of talent programmes for the 2012 Olympics and preparation for 2016 have been introduced
-Talent Transfer
-Sporting Giants
-Talent 2012: Fighting Chance
-Talent 2012: Paralympic Potential
-Talent 2016: Tall and talented
Structure of each talent programme used for London 2012 follows series of phases:
Phase 1 - talent assessment event that measures different elements of fitness (speed, power, endurance, strength and stature)
Phase 2 - explores potential to develop as world class athlete in one or more targeted sports .. involves sport specific testing ..inc ability to learn new skills relevant to sport
Phase 3 - talent confirmation training programme lasting 3-6 months .. looks at athletes commitment to development and ability to develop as elite athlete.. people with expcepiona talent invited to Olympic development programme
OD programme last phase and only small number of athletes present .. athletes who not reach stage are given how they can continue sport through different clubs/societies
Talent identification programme started by UK Sport and the English Institute off Sport (eis)
Search for competitive female athletes ages 17-25 .. competing in any sport at county/regional level .. with potential to become Olympic champion in targeted sports of cycling, bob skeleton, canoeing, modern pentathlon, rowing and sailing
Most extensive female talent programme ever undertaken in Great Britain
Overall aim is to find talented females capable of achieving medal success in 2012 and beyond
Number of athletes who started playing one sport but better in another
Darren Campbell .. played football for Plymouth Argyle but became Olympic Gold medalist
Pitch2Podium aimed at this type of athlete
Run by UK Sport, the English and Scottish institutes of Sport and their partners within football and rugby (FA, PFA, Premeirleague, Scottish pfa, Rugby Union
Aim of programme is to provide young football and rugby player who are unsuccessful in securing contract.. opportunity to become olympic athlete .. by filtering those with outstanding potential into targeted world class programme
UK Sport analysed records of 1200 athletes that received world class funding from 1997 and selected 150 of these athletes
This was start of talent transfer programme
Aimed to recruit athletes already retired ..or nearing retirement and provide them with opportunity to switch sports and directly contribute to Team GB in London 2012
Even though athlete may not make it in chosen sport .. they could have transferable skills necessary to succeed in alternative sport
Examples .. taking artistic gymnasts and assessing potential as olympic divers .. Talent 2012: fighting chance .. martial artists into tae kwon do medal contenders
Sporting giants
Initiative run by UK Sport and EIS .. and rimed at taller men (over 6ft 3 inches) and women (5ft 11inches) with good all round athletic ability
Aim was to unearth talented athletes who could contribute to sports such as rowing, handball and volleyball to help Team GB increase medal tally at London 2012 and beyond
From original 3854 applicants .. 34 rowers, 11 handball players and 7 volleyball players were integrated into british squads
Number of team sports have scouting programmes that aim to identify talented athletes
While scouting programmes have criteria that players need to achieve to be classed as talented .. whether or not player meets criteria is subjective and often decided by coach or scout that has eye for player
Examples of scouting criteria in sports like football
-TABS- technique, attitude, balance, speed
-SUPS- speed, understanding, personality, skill
-TIPS- technique, intelligence, personality, speed
-PAS- pace, attitude, skill
Used in a variety of settings ranging from school PE all the way through to professional sport to identify potential talented athletes
Include range of criteria.. action to make an assessment of that criteria and section for any comments relating to evidence of that criteria
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