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Sports in La Solana

This is our work about the Sports in La Solana. Made by: José Ramón, Javier, Rebeca, Lourdes and Eduardo. Enjoy!!

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Transcript of Sports in La Solana

Francisco Serrano reaching the finish line
Francisco Serrano and Ramona Trujillo, winners in the 10 Km Antonio Serrano
Around 670 participants took the exit on the Avenue of Sport in this XIII edition of the 10km Antonio Serrano.
The solanero athlete Francisco Serrano was clear with almost a minute of difference over the second classified.
In the female category Ramona Trujillo was made with the triumph being the first woman to cross the finish line.
La Solana has a basketball club, which consists of four teams: three male and one female.
One of the men's teams is of the senior category and the other two are of the junior category.
The female team is of the junior category.
Paula Sevilla, champion of Spain of 200m
The athlete Paula Sevilla was proclaimed this Sunday as the Spanish winner in the 200 meters.

La Solana has got 2 local teams, each one of a different
The male team play in Preferente Castilla La-Mancha Group 1 and the female team in the Second Division Group 4.
Both teams play in the football Stadium of La Moheda.
La Solana Female Logo
La Solana Male Logo
La Moheda Stadium
La Solana Female Team
La Solana Male Team
Hermi Parra was able to win the gold medal in the 400 meters, with a time of 54.48, which establishes personal and record in the championship.
Paula Sevilla obtained the silver medal in the test of 200 meters with a time of 23.90, bordering the gold and obtaining also its personal mark.
In this XXXII Championship of Spain Promise, Aroha Maeso, managed to accede to the final of 60 meters obtaining a 7th position with a time of 7.84.
Boys and girls can play football in the Sports Schools.
Also there is an amateur category for football fans and there are some marathons during all the year that everybody can participate.

Ramona Trujillo reaching the finish line
The teams train during the week in La Moheda pabilion and play matches with other teams in the weekend.
Senior Team of CB La Solana
Junior Male Team of CB La Solana
Junior Female Team of CB La Solana
Logo of CB La Solana
La Solana has a tennis and paddle club.
You can target individually or in pairs and teams can be mixed.
You can sing up in summer and winter in courses but currently you can´t play with other towns
Logo of tennis club
These are the tracks where you play and they are located in la Moheda
There are two leagues:
Individual league and double in which each other we find teams of 1 and 2 division.
You can sign up by submitting the application for registration in the offices of the sport area of the sport city or by email
She is Julia Serrano current tennis monitor and former player
Lourdes Ruíz Peinado
Javier Romero de Ávila Prieto
Rebeca Velacoracho
Jose Ramón Serrano López
Eduardo Tercero Naranjo
4 A
Cycling in La Solana
Club BBT Bikesol
This is a photo of the next route in the River Guarrizas specifically to the place known as La Cimbarra
Photo of some members
Logo of Bikesol Club
In this club different activities are done as routes, for example this March 12 there is one, the Route Of Deputation
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