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No description

Christine Abdullah

on 26 September 2017

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Transcript of Suicide

By:Christine Abdullah

What leads to suicide?
The reason is never caused by one person, sometimes it can be caused when that person gets to attached and start coping abilities of someone who is suffering from a mental health condition.One of the most causes would be by severe bullying
Warning signs
Something to look out for would be a change in there behavior like looking less lively and very depressed this can happen when that person is going through painful event,lose or change
Most people who take there lives go through one or more warning signs between what the say pr what they do.
The way they talk can be very effective if the person is talking about being a burden to someone
Feeling trapped
Experiencing unbearable pain
Having no reason to live
Killing themselves
Some important things to look out for should be:
Increased use of alcohol or drugs
looking for ways to kill themselves such as different materials or deadly products
Isolating from friends and family
Acting recklessly
The types of people who are considering suicide often display some of these moods:
Loss of interest

Suicide Risk Factors
Some risk factors are the increase or the chance that a person may try to take their life.
Physical illness
Local epidemics of suicide
history of mental disorder(clinical depression
Protective suicide factors
Protective factors have not been studied as much as risk factors but they are both are equally important
Some protective factors would be to buffer individuals from suicidal thoughts and behavior
When that person is having a stressful life some events may be a death,divorce,or a job loss
Exposure to another person's suicide,or to graphic or sensationalized accounts of suicide
Stress which can be caused by harassment,bullying,relationship problems,and unemployment
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