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Invasions of western Europe

No description

Giovanni Chenault

on 20 November 2015

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Transcript of Invasions of western Europe

"Mind Mapping" Method
Midevil Europe
copy and paste as needed and take advantage of an infinite canvas!
Write the primary idea of the mind map in the center. Use different color notes to differentiate between topics. Use lines and arrows to create branches that connect ideas to each other.
Invasions of western Europe
An Empire Evolves
Knights in the middle ages
A new order: Feudalism
When the invasions HAppened at Rome the Buisnesses had collapsed.
When the buisnesses collasped the people of Rome began leaveing the cities of cities of rome so there was no signs of leadership.
They were invaded by the Germatic Invaders, after the invasion the level of slowly sank.
When the German language mixed with the Roman language latin language was changed it was no longer understood even though it was an official language.
Other small Kingdoms had rised over Europe, The Franks controlled kingdoms in Europe. Franks Mostly Controlled the strongest and largest kindoms of Europe. first Christian King Clovis died in 511 he had etended flanklish rule over what is now france.
in the 700's a mayor was known as the most powerful person in franklish, he led armies and made a policy, since he had such power he ended up ruling the kingdom.
in 714 charles martel had more power than the king, in 732 he had defeated muslim raiders from spain in the battles of tours.
when Charles martel died he pssed on his power to his son Pepin. he agreed to fight lombards who invaded itatly and threatened Rome. thus began the carolington dynasty the family who rule frank from 751 to 987.
Invaders attack western Europe
Code of Chivalry
From the 800's to 1000's invasions had destroyed carolington Empire. Rome was sacked from muslim invaders in 846.
Vikings struck from the north, where they came from is now known as Denmark Norway and Sweedin. Vikings werew called northmen they worshipped war like gods and had pride for nicknames.
Maygar nomatic group attacked from the east which is hungary, in the late 800's Maygarans overran northern italy.
Muslims known as expert seafarers struck from the South they invaded through italy and spain. Muslims planned to settle and conuer in Europe in the 600's and 700's,
In 911 ttwo former enemies faced eachother in a peace ceremony. Rollo was head of Vikings, Charles the simple was the king of france but he had little power. Charles granted Rollo a huge piece o french territory it became known as northsmen land.
From 850 to 950 Rollo and Charles made agreements in many parts of Europe, a new system of landownig was developed known as Feudalism. This new system determined a persons prestige and power
Soilders mounted horsebacks became valuable in combat during the reign of charlemognes grandfather, Charles Martel, in the 700's
Monted Knights became the most important part of an army. their warhorses played a key military role.
To defend their territories, feudal lords raised private armies of knights
Wealth from these fiefs allowed Knights to devote their lives to war.
Kings were expeccted to display courage in battle and loyalty to their lords.
The code of Chivalry was a complex set of ideals, demanded that a knight fight bravely in defense of three masters.
The ideal Knight was loyal, brave, and courteous. some took part in mock battles called tournaments.
Violence in tournaments did not match the bloodshed of actual battles.
Literature of Chivalry
In the 1100's the themes of medieval literaure downplayed the brutality of knighthood and feual warfare.
The song of Roland is one of the earliest and most famous medieval epic poems.
Troubadours were traveling poet-muscians at the castles and counts odf Europe.
The most celebrated woman of the age was Eleanor of Aquitaine (1122-1204).
Reason to join Crusaders
Infuenced by the religous devation an reverence for God shown by the new manastcries.
A new spirit in the church elped fuel the buildings of churching in several Europeans countries.
Woman played an important role spiritual revival they joined the dominicans, Benedictiness, and Franciscans.
The Spirit Dwindles
In the 1200's Four More Crusade 90 fre and the holy land were unsuccessful.
The Crusaders Intended to weaken Muslim forces before going to the hollyland although these attempts didn't conquire much land.
Effects of the Crusades
The Crusades are a fearcful example of the power of the Church during the medieval period. The call to the holy land encouraged thousands to leave their home and travel faraway lands.
European Mercinaries who lived in the crusader states explained trade between Europe and southwest Asia.
Invadions of England
For centuries invaders from various religions in Europe landed on english shares.
In the 1800's Britian was battered by fierce raids f Danish Vikings, These invaders were feared that a special prayer was said in churches.
The Invader was William Duke of Normandy, Know as William the Conqueror William claimed the english Crown and invaded england with a Norman army.
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