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American Revolution

No description

Steph Gorges

on 21 February 2016

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Transcript of American Revolution

French & Indian War
13 Colonies
American Revolution
Declaration of Independence
Turn to partner:
Underline sections of the Declaration influences by Locke.
What other Enlightenment thinkers influenced it?
What was the historical context of the time?
American Revolution
Fighting between American colonists (patriots) vs. the British (loyalists)
British initially had advantage:
Strong navy & army
Money, centralized gov't
Colonists had militias (often unskilled)
African Americans fought on both sides (British promised freedom vs. patriots)
(GW lifted ban on AA fighting in army)
French Support
Treaty of Paris
French began to support the Patriots (anti-British)
1783 British recognize the independence of the colonies
British mercantile interests (power & wealth - thru trade and taxes)
Began in 1607 in Jamestown, VA
First world war
American theater of the 7 Years War
British vs. French (& Indians)
Ended with Treaty of Paris
Road to Revolution
French & Indian War left British with huge war debts
British taxed the colonists (Stamp/Tea/Sugar Acts)
No taxation w/o representation
Boston Tea Party 1773
1775 Battles of Lexington/Concord
Freedom to self-govern
Continental Congress
Declaration of Independence
July 4, 1776
No solution, but to be independent
Mend ties
Articles of Confederation
1781 Ratified the document which made a confederation - 'loose association of states'
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