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ABC's of Shakespeare

lit project with ansley

Chandler S

on 21 January 2013

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Transcript of ABC's of Shakespeare

A Anne was the wife of Shakespeare. Anne Hathaway B Shakespeare was elected Bailiff in 1568. Bailiff of Stratford C William Shakespeare was Catholic even though it was illegal. Catholic D He died on April 23, 1616. Died E He was born in this age. Elizabeth Age F Fife is a region in Scotland used for the setting of Macbeth. Fife G Shakespeare performed his plays here. Globe Theater H He lived on Henley Street. Henley Street I Italy was the setting of most of his plays. Italy J John was his father’s name. John K This was the all boys grammar school Shakespeare attended. King Edward VI School L The Globe Theatre was located here. London M This was one of his most dramatic plays. Macbeth N Anthony Nash was Shakespeare’s family friend. Nash (Anthony Nash) O This was a play he wrote based on an Italian short story. Othello P He is famous for his plays. Plays Q She was the queen of England during Shakespeare’s life. Queen Elizabeth R Stratford-upon-Avon was located along the banks of River Avon. River Avon S Susanna was Shakespeare’s daughter. Susanna T They were changing rooms in the Globe Theatre. Tiring House U William never attended a university. University V This was a poem he wrote. Venus and Adonis W There were 3 witches in the play Macbeth. Witches X He wrote a sonnet about this ancient Athenian. Xanthippe Y This was a play said to be credited to Shakespeare. Yorkshire Tragedy Z This was his word for buffoon. Zany ABC's of Shakespeare

Ansley Hames and Chandler Schmitter
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