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The sidekick archetype

No description

Preston McIllece

on 19 December 2012

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Transcript of The sidekick archetype

By: Preston McIllece The Sidekick Archetype Definition The sidekick archetype is very faithful and supportive. He is
usually associated with the protagonist archetype but he can also be associated with the antagonist or not associated with anyone. He also can be used to represent the views of the author about the protagonist or antagonist. The sidekick is always much funnier than the hero. (Phillips, 2010) Poem They were never handsome and often came
with a hormone imbalance manifested by corpulence,
a yodel of a voice or ears big as kidneys.

But each was brave. More than once a sidekick
has thrown himself in front of his hero in order
to receive the bullet or blow meant for that
perfect face and body.

Thankfully, heroes never die in movies and leave
the sidekick alone. He would not stand for it.
Gabby or Pat, Pancho or Andy remind us a part
of ourselves,

the dependent part that can never grow up,
the part that is painfully eager to please,
always wants a hug and never gets enough.

Who could sit in a darkened theatre, listen
to the organ music and watch the best
of ourselves lowered into the ground while
the rest stood up there, tears pouring off
that enormous nose. Poem explanation -This poem is a perfect example of the sidekick archetype because it talks about how unselfish the sidekick is. An example from media Explanation about video -The definition of the sidekick archetype talks about how the
sidekick is largely funnier than the hero archetype. Summary - The sidekick archetype is very humorous; much more than the
hero archetype. He is also incredibly loyal to the hero. You will see
the sidekick often endanger his own life in order to save that of the
hero. Examples of sidekicks - Tow Mater (Cars)

- R2D2 (Star Wars)

- Donkey (Shrek)

- Robin (Batman)

- Patrick Star (SpongeBob SquarePants) THE
END (Katzenberg, 2001) (Koertge, 1982) (Lucas, 1977) -"But each was brave. More than once a sidekick/ has thrown himself in front of our hero in order/ to receive the bullet or blow meant for that/ perfect face and body," (4-7). -This portion means that the sidekick will do anything to protect our
hero. He will even sacrifice his life and well-being to save the more
popular and liked archetype. This clearly shows how unselfish the
sidekick truly is. (Pixar, 2006) - In this clip of Cars, the hero (Lightning McQueen) is nervous and
unsure at first, about pulling the prank on the tractors. However, the
sidekick (Tow Mater) is laughing hysterically the entire time. -This clip is a clear example of the sidekick archetype and
their sense of humor. - The sidekick is usually associated with the hero but he can also
be associated with the anti-hero. He could possibly not even be
associated with anyone. by: Preston McIllece Period: 3 (Hillenburg, 1999) (Pixar, 2006) - The sidekick archetype in real life happens very often as well. Many unselfish people sacrifice their life in order to save someone else's.
Last weekend a teacher threw herself in front of her children
receiving a bullet and eventually dying.
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