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Exam lead-up

No description

laurie tallack

on 8 May 2015

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Transcript of Exam lead-up

Tennyson - exam question 1b

Aims: Getting ready for the exam

1: Practice question 1b - discuss and do. Peer mark

2: Debrief homework

3: Section B question
Tennyson - recap
10 min task:
Choose your favourite poem of Tennyson's.

Which stanza best conveys that poem's message?

Explain how successful they are at conveying that sense.
Question 1b: - choosing Tennyson
'Compare the different ways in which Tennyson uses a classical theme such as a dramatic figure to symbolically discuss the notion of departing from life's natural causes'.
Step 1
Classical theme? All of them...

Lady of Shalott
The Lotos Eaters

Step 2
Departing from life's natural causes?

Lady of Shalott - the urge to experience life

Tithonus - the urge to 'age'

Ulysses - the urge to travel and explore

Mariana - the pain of rejection

Lotos Eaters - the urge to give up on wordly
£1.60 on Amazon
10 mins plan/think
20 mins read extract discuss thoughts

30 mins write
Peer mark + feedback

Scoring points...
AO1 - Critical language
AO2 - Language, structure, form
AO3 - Differing interpretations
AO4 - Context
Choosing The Lady of Shalott
Now spend 15 mins reading and highlighting what you could use in this answer. Remember:
AO1, 2, 3, 4
Homework task buy and read.
30 mins:
Compare the different ways Tennyson uses a classical theme as a dramatic figure to symbolically discuss the notion of departing from life's natural causes.
30 mins write
Peer mark + feedback
The Exam
Section B - 1 hour
Victorian context
Homework for Easter was:
Exam question (half an hour)

'For Tennyson, to act is vital there is nothing to be gained by being passive'.
How far do you agree that Tennyson's poetry presents the advantages of an active life?

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