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IES Universidad Laboral

VET school

Jesús Moreno Roldán

on 8 May 2018

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Transcript of IES Universidad Laboral

IES Universidad Laboral de Málaga
Level 1 (ISCED)
SEN (Special Educational Needs)
·Leather industry (only for SEN)
Level 3 Technician
·Cookery and Gastronomy
·Administrative Management
·(Chemical) Laboratory
Universidad Laboral de Málaga
How do we teach?
Theory & Practise
·First academic year
From September to June (960 hours)
·Second academic year
From September to March (630 hours)
Training at Work
·Second year. From April to June (410 hours)
Level 5 Higher Technician
·Forest and Natural Environment Management
·Environmental Chemistry
·Administration and Finance
·Analysis and Quality Control Laboratory
·Prevention of Occupational Risks (Health and Safety)
·Sign Language Interpretation
It was...
·From 1995 to 1981
·Dependent on Ministry of Labour
·Stundents' profile
·Boarder & halfboader

It is...
·Area: 200.000m²
·Gardens: 40.000m²
·Field area: 120.000m²
·Students: over 1.700
·Student's group: 59
·Teachers: 125
·Erasmus +
Leather industry (SEN)
Leather cover
Leather cover
Leather cover
Leather cover
Leather cover
Leather cover
Analysis and Quality Control Laboratory
Educación Infantil (0-5)
Educación Primaria (6-11)
Educación Secundaria (12-15)
Bachillerato (16-17)
Made by the student
Sergio Fernandez
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