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Odd Future

Different members of Odd Future

Matthew Barrott

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of Odd Future

by Matt Barrott Odd Future
www.oddfuture.com Mellowhype Tyler, The Creator Frank Ocean Mellowhype are made up of Left Brain and Hodgy Beats. They have released 3 full length mixtapes with another being released soon. Their new release is called "Numbers" and will be available on 10th October. Earl Sweatshirt Tyler has released 2 solo albums. His most recently called "Goblin" which has been his most popular release. His rebellious attitude has gathered a strong teenage crowd which has made him very popular with the youth culture. Tyler has a new album coming up as it has been rumoured and it is possibly called "Wolf" and will be released later next year. Frank Ocean has released 1 mixtape and 2 full length albums. His recently release of "Channel Orange" is a very popular R&B album and has been a lot more successful. He is the newest member of the group because of his appearances on the older Odd Future tracks. Earl has released a few albums. The most popular being his first one called "EARL". His most recently release is called "This Is Earl". He is the youngest member who has just turned 18 which shows a good age range in the group. His genre is more of a slow, chilled out rap other than the fast pace rap. Odd Future are a group of rappers from LA. They have several members who are described in this Prezi.
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