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The death of romeo and juliet is because of friar lawrance.

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Ethan cyr

on 4 June 2015

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Transcript of The death of romeo and juliet is because of friar lawrance.

The death of Romeo and Juliet is because of Friar Lawrence.
My first claim is... Friar Lawrence gave Juliet a sleeping potion. Friar Lawrence should not be giving a teenager any kind of a potion. Friar gave her the potion so she wouldn't have to marry Paris
My second claim is that Friar Lawrence should not be lying about Juliet's death. Although he is just trying to help her out with her love life.
More evidence
"Sir, go now. And madam, go with him. And go, Sir Paris. Let everyone prepare to follow this lovely corpse to her grave. The heavens frown upon you for some wrong you've done: don't anger them further by antagonizing them".
My third claim is Friar Lawrence should have never married them in the first place without the parents even knowing.
This quote shows when Friar Lawrence gives Juliet the potion. He tells her to be strong and to follow through with their plan. Friar Lawrence is saying he will get word to Romeo about their plan. But unfortunately it does not happen.
The death of romeo and juliet
Friar Lawrence married them because he saw that they were very deeply in love and he knew that they would always be in love
Even more evidence
In conclusion:
**Friar Lawrence should not have given Juliet the potion.
**Friar Lawrence is a priest and he should not be lying.
**Friar Lawrence should not have married them in the first place.
"Hold. Get you gone. Be strong and prosperous. In this resolve, ill send a friar with speed to Mantua with my letter to the lord".
This quote is when Friar Lawrence is talking to Sir Capulet about Juliet's death. This is when he should have told the truth and possibly could have prevented the tragic ending.
"So smile the heavens upon this holy act that after hours with sorrow chide us not!"
Friar Lawrence is asking that no harm comes to them because of the
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