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Evan Pergeau

on 7 March 2014

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Transcript of Innovation

Innovator: Douglas Engelbart

Famous for: Inventing the computer mouse.

Innovator: William Kellogg

Famous for: Inventing the cereal called cornflakes.


Apple Macintosh. The mac was known as the first "personal computer"
inventor: Steve Jobs
Google invented the drive less car.
Innovator: John Walker
Famous for: Inventing the matches for lighting fires etc.

By Evan Pergeau, David Brandenburg, and Sean McDunnough
The Rewalk was invented by: Group FDA
known for helping people walk again.
The World Wide Web was invented in the 1990's by Tim Berners-Lee.
The artificial heart was invented by Abiomed
The first cellular phone innovator: Martin Cooper
Famous for out side the house communication.
David Brown designed and invented The BodyGuard
What is Innovation

- Innovation is creating something new that will help the world in many ways.
Why is Innovation Important

- Innovation is important because without it the world would be at a stand still and nothing new would be innovated...
In the 1800 teens would not have what we have today. They would not have the technology we have today. They would have to work much harder than we would today.
Their purpose in life was to work hard and to get a good education and become successful.
The Macintosh computer is our favorite product and came about in 1984. It looked like a big block with a screen.
The Macintosh has evolved by becoming extremely thin, fast, and portable.
A product that failed is lifesaver juice.
It failed because it gave the impression that you were drinking liquid candy so it was bad for your teeth.
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