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No description

Darleni Diaz

on 3 February 2012

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Transcript of Pitbulls

Pitbulls Are pitbulls the real cause of deaths by dog attacks? It is believed by everyone that pitbull breeds have been the main cause of fatal attacks, but NO! The main breed involved in fatal dog attacks is the Rottweiler. Population of pitbulls Although there isn' t really an accurate census record on the population of dogs in the United State, it is estimated that pitbulls make up 30-40% of the dog population making the pitbull breed a very popular dog to have. Considering the fact that there were an estimated 53 million dogs in the U.S and that pitbulls make up 10% of it, there would about 53 million pitbulls in our society. The 10 Commandments of Pitbull Ownership I shall never trust my pitbull to fight. I shall never leave my adult pitbull alone and unsupervised. I shall never leave my pitbull alone and unsupervised with another dog. I shall teach my pitbull to be obedient and train him. I shall teach my pitbull to be socialized with all kinds of people. I will never allow my pitbull to be off-leash in public places. I will never allow my pitbull to roam free in neighborhood, EVER!! I shall make myself responsible for any wrong done by my dog. I shall show off my pitbull in public on when on a leash to show good breed PR. I shall make the pitbull breed go forth as an extraordinary example of the pitbull breed. Why do people percieve pitbulls as a threat? When you first look at a pitbull, you do seem to notice a fierce look in their eye, but that is just how they are meant to look. It's not really fair to judge something or someone on their appearance. Sometimes, it is true that pitbulls do tend to be somewhat aggressive but, that can only depend on the owner and how you treat your pitbull. Does it matter how you treat a pitbull? Pitbull History It definately does matter how you treat a pitbull because each pitbull
will act in the way that they are raised and treated. It all depends on
the owner and how they train their dog to be because if you raise your
dog to be a fighter that is what it will live for, violence and abuse. On the
other hand, if your dog is well bred and trained to be obedient, socialized,
and a loyal dog, then there really wouldn't be any problems with the pitbull
breed because it would not cause any unecessary conflicts. The owner is just
as responsible for the way a pitbull acts as the pitbull itself. Dog Fighting Michael Vick is
a dog abuser !!! Average American pitbull Terrier Works Cited: http://www.dogbreedinfo.com/americanpitbull.htm
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pit_bull Height: 18-22 inches
(46-56 cm)
Weight: 22 -110 pounds
(10-50 kg)

Life Expectancy: 12 years

Litter Size (females): 5 -10 puppies

Health Problems: most pits will be healthy but some will be prone to hip dysplasia disease, herditary cataracs, allergies to grass and congenital heart disease. Many people believe that pitbulls decend from the breed of dogs called the Molossian Breed of dogs that got it's name from their owners the Molossi tribe. These dogs were used to protect the tribe and used to fight off attackers. They were then trained to fight and became submitted into what is known as blood sports which indeed are rough, illegal sports such as dog fighting and baiting. Pitbulls were also war dogs and fought in wars.Throughout their lifetime, they were trained to be aggressive and dangerous which has to do with the way they react these days, nothing training and good breeding can't solve. Are the pitbulls really the threat here? Or is it really the owners who victimize their pits? The most common and illegal dog sport theses days is dog fighting. People don't seem to notice how the dogs are injured or culled each day when they are unwilling to fight. To cull is to selct a group of dogs and slaughter them. Fighting dogs are shown to be aggressive and kill which is really how a pit can become a true threat. These por innocent creatures are badly abused by vile people like Michael Vick. Michael Vick was an NFL player who was charged with animal abuse and illegal dog fighting. People like Michael Vick should be punished and should not even be aloud to have a pet. Help stop people like Michael Vick from ever mistreating an animal ever again. Pitbull Statistics THE BIG QUESTION Why are pitbulls treated the way they are? Pitbulls are treated the way they are which is like monsters and threats because they have been known to have a feisty, maybe a little aggressive when they feel threatened and high-spirited but, they are not a threat. They are loyal companions and friends to the owners who must be treated with love and respect. It is on;y the owners fault if your pitbull goes bad because that means that the owner did not know how to care for such a beautiful creature like a pitbull. Dog fighting has turned these innocent creatures into vicious animals who will do anything to survive, even if it means to kill another dog. It is the people who victimize these poor animals and it has to STOP!!!!!! This is my dog Diesel. He is my 11 month old pitbull who is a boy and is going to turn 1 year old in May. He is a lovable pitbull who is full of energy and just wants someone to play with, he is also very loyal and protective over loved ones. He is the reason that inspired me to make Pitbulls my subject and that is also why I feel so strongly over the disscrimination against pitbulls. DIESEL Poor Dog THE END! .... And Thanks For Watching My Presentaion http://www.dontbullymybreed.org/ http://www.realpitbull.com/perspective.html http://www.pitbulladvocate101.com/NotBreed.php http://www.nopetsleftbehind.com/Bully_Breeds.html http://www.pitbullsontheweb.com/petbull/articles/brownstein.html http://defendpitbulls.com/pit-bull-attack-statistics/ http://savepitbulls.8m.com/
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