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Scenario Sequence 2

No description

Ignacio Delgado

on 22 February 2013

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Transcript of Scenario Sequence 2

Scenario Sequence 2 Physical Alexander, John and Gillian will be working together on their research project for their 1301 Biology class. Their biology professor is requiring them to conduct their own experiment based on research, which involves developing a hypothesis, locating primary and secondary sources, using either IEEE or APA, writing a paper and then creating a formal multimedia presentation over their research. Their biology professor is requiring them to conduct their own experiment based on research, which involves developing a hypothesis, locating primary and secondary sources, using either IEEE or APA, writing a paper and then creating a formal multimedia presentation over their research. We will create a research development plan to be able to finish at time. Consequently, we will discuss how the tasks will be done and who is going to complete them. To decide who does what, we ask ourselves who doesn’t feel comfortable with something, so that we can change the roles. After that, we will look for as much information as we can about grass, how its composition is, the way it is raised and the substances farmers commonly use to raise it. The places where we are going to find the information are a key part of the project. Therefore, we will try to use the most accurate sources. IEEE is a website where expert technicians and engineers share information so that people that have troubles with something can fix their issues. Moreover, we will write our reports and results following the APA rules. APA is a writing style that is commonly used to cite sources within the social science. Circumstantial Gillian is in charge of keeping the two-week-old grass spores at her house. Midway through the experiment, Gillian has two of her friends sleep over one weekend. One of the friends, Judy, becomes curious about the grass sprouts and ignores Gillian’s warning about not disturbing them and lifts open the lid of the container. Judy pulls one of the grass spores from the soil it is on and looks at it. Gillian catches and Judy apologizes. Judy puts the grass spore back into the soil. Emotional At this moment of the project, Gillian has been trough lots of different problems that have changed the way their research goes. Having occurred the accident, she does not have any options other than inform her teammates and try to look for the best solution possible. At this point the circumstances can help or damage them depending on how they use it. Another point of view is the one that alexander and John have. They might be upset at the time they notice that their project, in which they have been working for a while, has been damaged or in other words changed. A possible reaction can be negative to Gillian who was supposed to take care of the project. One important thing to mention is that it does not matter what happen Gillian must tell her teammates about what is happening at this point. The teammates may have a positive reaction to what had happened. Now that everyone is aware of what the problem is, they can all together look for the best solution. One of the possible solutions can be to explain everything to the teacher and see what he had to tell them. Having in mind that the grad of the project might be not the best one. Another possible way to solve the problem is that they can use the “problem” to their favor. This can be possible if they look for the way they can show the damage that Judy did as a change in the experiment. This means that they can show it as a predetermined change (this way they can get the paybacks or the repercussions of making this decision) that they had decide to do in order to se what could happened in the best (the part of the project that still intact) and the worst (the part of the project that had been damage) of the possible cases while the process of the project. Being aware of the best possible options they now can chose between one of them. John has just started a new job and is working fulltime, leaving Alexander and Gillian to meet and make major decisions as far as the experiment and research is concerned. John does not return all of their emails inquiring about his contribution to the research project. Alexander and Gillian send John an email suggesting that he leave the group and work individually on a research project. John: He is a person who doesn’t care about school so much. For him is more important to get a job and start working there and win some money, also I thing that in his goals he doesn’t include a degree because with a fulltime job, John doesn’t have time to study and do his homework. Meet with the teacher and discuss the situation. Alexander and Gillian should talk with john and discus their problem. John should find some free time to do his contribution to the research paper. Kick out john and Alexander and Gillian and work on them own. I think that if they have a meeting and discuss their problems about their research paper it will be better because they could talk with John and hear why he is not doing his homework. Also they could help him to organize his schedule and try to understand why he is working a fulltime job; maybe he is so poor and it is necessary to him to have a job. If that solution doesn’t work, unfortunately Alexander and Gillian must meet the teacher and inform him about the situation. If I were the teacher I would speak with John because if he is enroll in school so he must do his homework and help his friends, also if he doesn’t want to work in the research paper and he still working in his job without doing the homework he must to work alone. This is going to help Alexander and Gillian to work faster and get a better grade because they are going to work in a better way with any problem.
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