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from: Of Plymouth Plantation

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In Pyo Hong

on 26 February 2014

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Transcript of from: Of Plymouth Plantation

Understand Author's Purpose:
Literary Analysis
to inform his readers about the Pilgrims' history
to inspire the new generation to uphold Puritan values.
As You Read
How the
, and the
content of the text
help to advance Bradford's purposes for writing
How these elements contribute to the power, persuasiveness, or beauty of the text
William Bradford (1590-1657)

Survival in North America was a matter of
, and
. William Bradford had all three qualities. Thirteen years after the first permanent English settlement was established in Jamestown, Virginia,Bradford helped lead the Pilgrims to what is now Massachusetts.

[Seeking Freedom]
Bradford, who was born in Yorkshire, England, joined a group of Puritans who believed that the Church of England was corrupt. This group wished to separate from the church. In the face of stuff persecution, they eventually fled to Holland and from there sailed to North America.
In Of Plymouth Plantation, Bradford provides an account of the experiences of these early settlers.
Historians consider this account to be accurate.

[A long Leadership]
After the death of the colony's first leader, the Pilgrims elected Bradford governor. He was reelected
thirty times
. During his tenure, he organized the repayment of debts to financial backers, encouraged new immigration, and established good relations with the Native Americans, without whose help the colony never would have survived. He also instituted the town meeting within the colonies, a democratic process that continues to take place in state government today. Bradford was largely responsible for leading the infant colony through many hardships to success.
From: Of Plymouth Plantation
Before you read
by: William Bradford
About the Author
Plot Summary
Their Voyage and How They
Passed the Sea; and of Their Safe Arrival at Cape Cod
1620, September 6- After a season of good fortune and fair winds, the pilgrims were met with times of cross-winds and fierce storms.
Chapter 9
In November, the pilgrims disembarked at the tip of Cape Cod.
Once on land the pilgrims fell on “their knees and blessed the God of heaven, who had brought them over the vast ocean, and the sea of troubles before in preparation.”
However they soon discovered their
troubles were far from over.
Sometime around Christmas the
pilgrims moved to the safer
site of Plymouth,

From Book 2
Due to the difficulties of the times and conditions there were moments when mutinies and treachery were contemplated. However these issues were handled by the Governor of the settlement: John Carver- (1576-1621) William Bradford was the second governor of the settlement.
During January and February half the company passed away- mostly of scurvy (vitamin C deficiency) or other diseases.
During the harsh winter, there were only an about six or seven healthy people at a time. These healthy persons would spend their days caring for the rest of the sick community.
Unlike the pilgrims, the crew treated their sick with harsh, uncharitable carriage (behavior). They would not give the sick any beer out of greed and many of their sick died on the journey back to the East.

Relationships with Native Indians
In September of 1620, the tiny ship Mayflower set sail from Plymouth, England, bound for the Jamestown settlement in Virginia.The ship carried 102 Pilgrims, many of them members of the separatist religious congregation.
Craft and Structure
Bradford wrote Of Plymouth Plantation in order to educate the newer generations about the hardships that the Pilgrims' have gone through.
Bradford wrote this historical account for an audience that included young children and the newer generations.
During this time the Indians began to make appearances near the settlement. However when approached, they would run away.Once, these Indians stole the settlement's tools, while the workers were away eating their dinner.
On March 16...
an Indian named Samoset from Maine, who had learned English from British fishermen, came to the settlement to speak to the pilgrims.
He told the settlers about a native Indian whose name was Squanto.

Samoset later came back with five more men who returned the stolen tools to the settlers.
The sachem (chief) of these men, Massasoit, came a few days later with his friends and with Squanto.

The settlers and Indians came up with six agreements:
1. That neither of them would hurt each other's people.
2. If anyone should hurt a member of another's group the transgressor
would be sent to the victim’s village where he would be punished.
3. That if anything was ever stolen, it would be restored.
4. If other peoples waged an unjust war on any of the two settlements they would aid each other.
5. That they would send each other confederates in times of war to compromise peace.
6. That when they meet they should be unarmed.

The settlers began to harvest their crops for the coming winter.
They had plenty of: water fowls, wild turkey, venison, and Indian corn.
With such prosperity, the settlers wrote to their friends in England of their good fortune.

the new generations
Understand the Audience:
What is Bradford's purpose for writing
(to inform, entertain, or persuade?
Who is Bradford's audience? Who are his readers?
Consider the following:
place to live; group of homes or dwellings
Subject to:
likely to be affected by something
hardship; difficulty
disaster; catastrophe
become less harsh; be more merciful

"Our fathers were Englishmen which came over this great ocean, and were ready to perish in this wilderness."
from Of Plymouth Plantation
What makes American literature American?
American literature shares the basic characteristics of
literature; American literature reflected the experiences of the people living in America; dominated by 3 themes (
is heart of how Americans view themselves
Essential Question:
During the stormy Atlantic crossing, the ship was blown off course, which forced it to miss its intended destination. the boat finally set anchor near Cape Cod, Massachusetts, in mid-November.
Integration of Knowledge and Ideas
Bradford did a great job of explaining his experiences and documenting the things that he and the other original settlers had to go through. Bradford thoroughly explained the hardships such as his little ordeal with the Native Americans.
Modern readers have many similarities and differences between the original intended audience. Bradford's intended audience was all from the 16th century when all the readers could actually see this the things happening and where they could actually relate. However, for the modern readers, they would not really be able to relate as much.
What were the 3 elements that survival in North America was based upon?
Why is Bradford so important?
What was Bradford's purpose for writing this piece?
When and where did the Mayflower set sail?
When and where did the pilgrims disembark?
How many agreements did the settlers and Indians generate? List 2
What makes American literature American?
endurance, intelligence, & courage
What can you learn from this?
In September of 1620, the Mayflower set sail from Plymouth, England, for Jamestown, Virginia.
After You Read
Mid-November, at the tip of Cape Cod
Bradford was largely responsible for leading the infant colony through many hardships to success.
To educate the newer generations about the Pilgrim's history and to inspire them to uphold Puritan beliefs.
Six Agreements (refer back to Chapter 9)
Like the Pilgrims, a lot of us go through many "crosswinds" and "fierce storms" to the point where we become like broken ships. The Pilgrims were able to make it through the obstacles which the sea confronted them with. However, they were met with more trials when they arrived to Massachusetts.They had to adapt to a completely new environment and fight the wilderness in order to survive. However, in spite of it all, with the help of an Indian, they thrived.

YES there's FOOD!!!!
7. American literature shares the basic characteristics of
literature; American literature reflected the experiences of the people living in America; dominated by 3 themes (
is heart of how Americans view themselves
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