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Internet Safety Project

No description

Taimoor ahmed

on 3 June 2013

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Transcript of Internet Safety Project

Internet safety project By:Taimoor and Mahdi Do's and don't s Extra facts Chat room does and don'ts Bullying do's and don'ts parental does and don'ts Web do's and don'ts Internet foot prints Passing on Web chat Important Facts The internet foot print is when you post a picture and even if you delete it, it will always stay somewhere on the internet.Every time you log in to an account, you leave a mark. when you are not using your web camera, put a little bit
of paper on the camera or even better, just close the computer because even if the camera is off, some hackers are still able to see you through the camera lens. Do not post photos that your friend might not like because if its an embarrassing photo the person can get humiliated.

Do use nicknames on web sites because if you use your real name you are giving persinal information. Don't make fun of people because that is pretty
much being a bully. Don't let your kid play the computer by there selves because who know what website are they. Don't make your account easier for other people to see because some people can go int your account and find out where you live.
Did you know about 10000 people get cyber-bulled everyday on the computer? Did you know that around 273,785,413 people use the computer every day in just North America alone?! Thank you for listening to our project! When you send a picture to just 1 person,they will send it to another person. Do be polite to other people because then you
mite be there friends. Do make sure they use age appropriate websites because some websites are very inappropriate. Do get your parents permission to go on chat rooms because you mite be doing something on there that they mite not like.
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