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Food tech speech

No description

alice zhang

on 20 May 2010

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Transcript of Food tech speech

What have I learnt in Food Tech? New Cooking skills Other Skills
Improved Cooking Skills Cutting Kitchen Safety Preparing things Teamwork Dealing with accidents Organisation and washing dishes Food Terminology Julienne Dicing Chopping Time organisation is important for
EVERYTHING Cooking is useful when your older :D What about other subjects? Time organisation Group Work What risks
did we take? Learned and improved in Cake Deciding What didn't go
according plan? Organisation is just as important Peeling Greasing Trays How do these
skills relate
to real life? Gant charts are great for time organisation Gant Charts New Big Question Are birthday
parties only
for children? Teamwork is important in
sports, school, in the workplace,
and sometimes for solving
general problems. Evaluation What I like and dislike What would you change?
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