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The marshmallow story

No description

혜민 김

on 30 August 2013

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Transcript of The marshmallow story

The marshmallow story
About author
Joachim de Posada
He was born in a wealth family but suddenly it was gone. So in his adolescence period, he didn’t have anything to lose. At that time, the poor experience that he loses everything gave him to hopelessness and courage. He put his values into satisfaction more than an ambiguous future successes. Therefore, whenever he earned money, he spent all to car, luxurious things and gifts. He ate marshmallows right away.
Joachim de Posada always had a question, why some people achieve his successes but others repeat his failure?
He worked as an expert of motivation for more than 30 years and met many people who grabbed his successes, or not. One day, he heard about the marshmallow story. And he could get answer that he was curious. Joachim de Posada said, “Don’t eat the marshmallow, yet!”
He is a professor at the University of Miami where he teaches English and Spanish. He also gave advices through seminars, workshops and speeches using both languages for business association, global corporations and other groups over 25 countries.
This book “the marshmallow story” is a world wide best seller sold in 15 languages.

Charles is a driver of Jonathan who is a CEO of company. Jonathan saw that Charles ate his marshmallow straight away, so he decided to tell the marshmallow story to his driver. Charles is not just his driver but also his friend. Jonathan gave advices how to be patient when he saw the marshmallow in front of him.

When Jonathan was 4 years old, he was participated an experiment that tested children’s self-control and desires. Researchers were put children into each room, gave a marshmallow to them, and suggested if someone will be patient with eating a marshmallow for 15 minutes, we will give one more marshmallow to you. Jonathan was handled his desire and got one more marshmallow. After 10 years, the result of this experiment was appeared. Researchers found out children who were participated, and compared with being patient or not. Children who earned one more marshmallow are having good relationship with friends, getting high grade in school, and handling their stress effectively than who didn’t earn marshmallow.

Success stories of who didn't eat marshmallow yet!
the purpose of this book is giving advices to achieve our goals, more focus on self- improvement.
Arun Gandhi’s story;
great father who brought up his great son.
Arun Gandhi always emphasizes the secret of being successful is effort and trust. When he was 17 years old, his father asked him to bring the car to car repair shop, fixing noisy sound and coming back at 5 pm. He thought that car repairing takes long time, but it finished earlier than he guessed. So before at 5, he decided to watch a movie. After finished movie, time was already at 6. He lied to his father that because of fixing the car he was late. But his father already knew about he finished car repairing early. So his father said, I will go home by walking, you bring the car to home. It’s more than 15km until home. He never changed his mind and he said, I tried to bring you up right-minded, but I didn’t give trust to you. I don’t deserve with be father. I will think of being good father during walking. Arun Gandhi followed his father until arrive to home and decided to never lie to anyone.
Many parents give punishment straight away if their children did something wrong. But as we can see in this story, it is more effective to control their anger to children, and give a chance to realize their fault by themselves.

Larry Bird;
don’t lose your original intention after you are being successful.
He is a very famous basketball player nowadays, but when he was a newcomer, he didn't have much talent than other players. However, he became one of the best in the world. The secret of being a successful player is his extraordinary habit and diligence. He always came to playground before play was started and checked ground's status to prevent outbreak situation during game. And of course, he always practiced shooting more than 300 times everyday. Behind of great success, it always has one's effort, patient and pertinacity. Don't lose your hope, don't lose what you thought before you succeed.
Jorge Posada;
he goes where other didn't choose to go
When he was young, he really liked to play baseball and became a baseball player. But he was a rookie player. One day, his father suggested that change his position from second baseman to catcher. First time, he was afraid of start to change his position but he didn't give up. When the time he adjusted to be a catcher, his father suggested to change catcher to left-handed batter. Posada practiced again and again, finally he made home run using his left-hand. Those effort were not just becoming a normal player but also becoming a major-leaguer. He became the one of best player in Yankees. If you want to be better than others, you should not be afraid of doing new things and challenge yourself.
Turning point
Before he heard about marshmallow story, he spent money playing pocker, eating Mcdonald burgers and hanging out with new girls. After Jonathan told some stories about the secret of being successful to Charles, he started to write down at the board and keep that in his mind. And he tried to find out what he really want to do, set his goal to achieve and save his money for the bright future. Finally, he decided to go to college and started to make plans. Therefore, when Jonathan told stories about success, that is the point of starting to change Charles life. When I finished to read this book, I think back to the past of my life; how did I spend my precious time, what was my purpose to study, what should I do now, and what will I do after 5 years. I didn't think anything. I just spend time for nothing. I feel I really need the turning point in my life.
Main character
Charles: his job is a driver of Jonathan. He spent his high school life with a sport car with girls. Actually, he couldn't afford his car, so he didn't study and only focus on to earn money for the car. As a result, he gave up to go to college. He liked to playing pocker, meeting new girls in club and eating mcdonald burgers. Thus, he didn't have plan for future and save his money. But, when he started to listen Jonathan's stories, everything was changed. He was being an early bird. He accepted Jonathan's advices, and implemented it by himself.

Jonathan: he is a CEO of the company. He was affected by his father for being successful. Jonathan was born in poor family, but his father always tried to do his best and sacrificed for his family. Whenever Jonathan had trouble with hard problems, he reminded his father to emulate the responsibility. So he could achieve what he wanted and earn money. He is very clever. Above all things, he felt sorry for Charles' laziness, so he told stories about the marshmallow which leaded him to be successful. He helped youth to go to right way and shared his secret.
What is Literature?
Point Of View
This book is a self-improvement book. There's no clear conflict between the main characters but in Charles inner conflict by himself. Before he met Jonathan, he knew that he lived in the fastlane. So he wanted to change but he didn't know methods. Actually, he was really lucky to meet Jonathan and this resolved Charles' inner problem. Everyone has their inner conflict by themselves, but the way of dealing with that conflict is very important point in life. Reading this book and comparing your life with the main character can be one of the solving methods.
In my opinion, this book's point of view is an omniscient viewpoint. Readers can know what Charles and Jonathan are thinking during their conversation. And also, author suggested his opinion and experiences through main characters. Author knows everything in this story such as how Jonathan became a rich, why Charles couldn't do anything and what they will be going to do in their future.
Literature is like a telescope. Literature help us to see bigger things than we can see through using our eyes. There are numerous and diverse things in our life, even we can't predict.
When we have troubles, conflicts, and frustrations, literature show the way of solving and sometimes healing our mind. Actually, Literature give many indirect experience to us. We can be a princess, wizard, animal, angel through literature.
This is indispensable factor in our life.
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