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Evaluation 6: What have you learnt from the process of const

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AS Media Group

on 5 February 2014

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Transcript of Evaluation 6: What have you learnt from the process of const

Evaluation 6: What have you learnt from the process of constructing this product?
While filming this production we used a Cannon Legria HF R37 camera for our production with the tripod for our film production to make our production more professional and gave it a better quality while filming which obviously is essential when producing a film of any sort. The tripod was also very useful it held the camcorder at a still position and reduces the camcorder form of shaking. The tripod was most used while filming the close ups of the protagonist and for the shots of the antagonist we used a handheld style of recording this is used to disturb the audience while giving the antagonist an animalistic feel to it. We also gave the antagonist a lower position when compared to the protagonist as most common fears of animals are smaller such as snakes and spiders this helps us convey the animalistic look. The time of day we filmed out production helped adding the fear factor as the light conveys the isolation and confinement.
One of the software we have learnt to use from this production was our use of IMovie this allowed us to change, edit and reorder our production simply and easily and we used it to include the music to change the tone of our production and add atmosphere. For our production we made a draft cut to show the order of clips we originally want that fits closely to our original storyboard. Once this was done we then started to add sound and edit the clip length and other qualities about the clips we have changed. Then finally once the clips were in order and fitted with the sound for the production we then added the opening credits we used the same order as we found in our research and allowing us to export the project as an mp4 and making it fast to upload onto YouTube.
On the other hand, we have used certain websites to help us with our film making. For example used YouTube videos and films from the horror genre to get inspirational shots which have helped when designing our shot list and filming our production. We have also social networking to help us with researching our production by sending surveys to a large audience by using Facebook and twitter this gave use a large idea of what our target audience wants and how they would perceive the production.
When talking about the strengths and weaknesses of the equipment used, it had a mixture of both. One weakness of the actual camcorder was that it didn’t record in a file type which could be put into IMovie so we had to use movie maker to change the file type to MP4 which is usable in IMovie to allow us to edit and change our clips for our production. This was a problem because it would take a long time to import the video into movie maker and then render it into MP4 and this wasted time what could have been used to editing allowing us to finish the final production quicker. On the other hand one of the strengths of the camcorder was that it very light while recording high quality film this made it easier to film the hand held shots for example the point of view shot from the antagonist this was made simpler by the camcorders usability.
Overall we have learnt that the use of technologies used to construct our production, without these technologies such as IMovie and the social networks we used we would have had great difficulty finding out what our target audience wants and making the production professionally and of high quality. From the use of the cannon camcorder made recoding our production simple and efficient gave us a high quality production and attracting towards our target audience with the use of the technologies available to us which assisted in our production.
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