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Welcome to Junior 2

No description

Gabriella Govus

on 8 September 2014

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Transcript of Welcome to Junior 2

Welcome to Junior 2
Introductory Meeting

Using a Thematic Approach
Working on fortnight themes we will be linking the curriculum to the current theme.

Our first theme :
Me and my surroundings
Speaking and Listening
As part of the curriculum we will be working on monthly booklets. These have a whole variation of : Grammar, Spelling and Speaking and Listening activities

All this is done through :
Interactive Activities
Hands on Activities and
Direct Participation
Creative Writing
We shall be starting off :
Revising material covered last year : labeling images, creating captions and being able to write short phrases to a given image.

we will be carrying on:
the organization of picture stories
mind mapping to a given image
a variation of writing examples such as, diaries, letters and short stories.
2 Weeks of Jolly Phonic Program followed by 1 week of Look and Say words.
A total of 10 words will be given out 8 Regular Words
2 Irregular Words
1 short sentence
Spelling Game will be given out on a Thursday and assessed the following Thursday
Starting off:
Revision of all areas covered in Junior 1
Revising alphabet : Sound, Sequence and formation
Expanding Vocabulary
Proceed with :
Initial and Ending Sound
Tricky Consonants
Working with għ, h, ħ
We will be working on :
Expanding vocabulary
Applying vocabulary within context
Verbally being able to create short phrases
We will proceed to :
Working with picture situations. Children to label image with a variation of nouns
Eventually write short phrases/ sentences, including nouns verbs and adjectives.

Making sure that we stay in line with the curriculum
In a fun and Interactive way
Become Active Learners
We shall be starting off with some revision of letter formation in print form, making sure that all children are confident and are not carrying any specific issues.
Eventually I will be introducing the Joint Writing Program

Reading Books to be changed every 2/3 weeks
Concurrently a Book Rotation System will be carried out. Children will be asked to donate a Maltese reading book and every week children will have the opportunity to swap their own reading books with a friend's.
It is very important that Maltese Reading is promoted, given that this enables the children to become fluent readers and acquire a new range of Maltese Vocabulary.
Taħdit u Smigħ
Each week I will be introducing a new set of Vocabulary list as part of our Thematic approach system.

8 words will be chosen to be given out as Dettatura.

Dettatura will be assessed on a Friday.
Readers will be changed every 2/3 weeks.
It is very important that Reading books are to be carried within their school bags on a daily basis.
I cannot emphasis enough the importance of reading on a daily basis at home.
Providing the right opportunity
Model ways of thinking
Share thinking skills but at the same time allowing children to discover and experiment on their own
Creative Thinking
This is our team
see you very soon
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