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Parent Certification APLUS 2013

No description

Stephanie Parshall

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of Parent Certification APLUS 2013

Parent Certification
Final Projects
Stephanie Parshall
Director of Instructional Support
Springs Charter Schools
Our Parents

Is it Working?
3 Main Courses
4 Electives
Final Project
Elective Options

Main Courses

Course 1: Planning Instruction, Developing Goals, & Defining your Homeschool Philosophy
Course 2: Brain Based Learning: Engaging & Supporting Students in Learning
Course 3: Connecting Assessment & Instruction
Course 4 Elective
Annual Parent Curriculum Conference
SPREE Events
School-Sponsored Parent Workshops
Pre-Approved Conference or Training
Read and Review 1 Book
Participation in approved Event
Course Four Elective
Raising Happiness

Motivating Your Students
Paving the Way
Teaching and Implementing New Strategies for Math
133 Total Renewals and Completions
1016 total attendance in all Courses
(3 Year Totals 2010-2013)
Complete Course 4
Meet the Expert Presentation
3 Electives
2011 Completed Projects: 26
2012 Completed Projects: 40
2013 Completed Projects: 47
Over 100 Enrolled for 2014!
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