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No description

aom jai

on 9 July 2013

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Transcript of CEM


Music Technology

Finite Element Method
& Analysis

Research Interests
in Med & Rehabilitation
in HDD industry
Finite Element Method
& Analysis

in Med & Rehabilitation
Music & Robotics
Arbtip Dheeravongkit, Ph.D.
Contact me
Drop Test of HDD Packaging
FEA of Swaging Process
Beam Row Tool Study
Meshing Techniques
Conventional Prosthetic Socket Fabrication


Music & Robotics
Tolerance Ring Design
Designs of Tolerance Ring
Design Optimization
Use Finite Element Analysis to
Understand the problem
Do the parametric studies
Help in design optimization
in Lapping Process
Lapping Plate
Read/Write Heads
Original Model
with problem of high pressure at the ends
Modified Model
with better uniform pressure
Vibration Problem in HDD
Control the natural frequency and mode shape
Minimize the deformation
Maximize the chance to reuse part
Mesh Generation
Mesh Refinement
[Dey et. al, 2005]
Mesh Smoothing
[Zhou and Shimada, 2000]
Mesh Adaptation
[Stoker, 1999]
Reverse Engineering
3D Scan
Medical image processing
3D CAD modeling
Pressure sensor system for residual limb and socket interface
Finite Element Analysis in different loading cases
CNC Carver
Rapid Prototyping
Prosthetic Socket
Institute of Field Robotics
King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi
Automatic Khim Tuner
Human - Robot
Electric Khim
Piezo Sensor
Signal Processing
Mechanic Design
Sound Synthesis
Project with Hitachi , Funded by HDDI
Project with WD , Funded by HDDI
Projects funded by Thailand Research Fund
Project with WD , Funded by HDDI
Industrial Consulting Project with WD
Project funded by National Council of Thailand
Show on Beartai Hitech TV program
Standard music score reading
Mobile Music
Robotic Musicianship
Music for people
with special needs
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