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"Lord of the Flies" Chapter 2

Character Analysis

Maddy Gautreaux

on 14 September 2012

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Transcript of "Lord of the Flies" Chapter 2

By: Maddy Gautreaux Lord of the flies
Character Analysis Ralph's Physical Discription He is the boy with fair hair (pg.7)
12 years and a couple months old. (pg. 10)
Lost all of his baby fat, but not old enough to have an adolescent body. (pg. 10)
broad shoulders (pg.10)
no distinct birthmarks or scars. (pg.10) Piggy's Physical Discription Plump (pg. 7)
Wears Glasses (pg. 10)
not athletic (pg. 12)
out of shape (pg. 12)
Has asthma (pg. 12) Jack's Physical Description Tall (pg. 19)
thin (pg. 19)
bony (pg. 19)
red hair (pg. 19)
crumpled and freckled face (pg. 19)
blue eyes (pg.19)
ugly (pg. 19) Simon's Physical Discription skinny (pg.22)
Small (pg. 22)
Straight, black, Coarse hair (pg. 22) Samneric's Physical Description Bullet headed (pg. 18)
hair like tow (pg. 18)
Chunky (pg. 18)
identical (pg. 20) ... small Personality traits of Raplh personality traits of Piggy ... small he is considerate of others (pg.82)
honest and fair (Pg. 72)
kind (pg. 20)
represents the authority of society (pg.21)
he wants the best for everyone (pg.72) He is childish (pg. 9)
Represents intelligence (pg. 14)
he is insecure (pg.23)
Selectively obedient (pg.43) Personality traits of jack he is arrogant (pg. 21)
persuasive (pg. 83)
doesn't care about anyone else (pg. 46)
does what he wants, when he wants (pg. 63) Personality traits of simon Compassionate and fair (pg.67)
doesn't take sides (pg.80)
helps when needed (pg.46) always together (pg. 18)
easily persuaded (pg. 63)
deceived easily (pg. 89) "I have the conch." (pg.82) Samneric jack: Simon: "I've got to have time to think things out. I can't decide what to do straight off. If this isn't an island, we might be rescued straight away. So we've got to decide if this is an island or not. Everybody must stay around here and wait and not go away." (p.23-24) (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr Dialogue that shows Insight Ralph: Piggy: "I ought to be chief." (pg. 21) "maybe its only Us." (pg.80) "we saw the beast." (pg. 89) The End! Personal Characteristics of Samneric ... small
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