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Jai Waetford

No description

Sophia Ibbetson

on 25 June 2014

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Transcript of Jai Waetford

Work Experience
Status Update
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Surfing fans are my life awesome as pie
He was just 14 when he auditioned for the x factor AUS he made it into the final with taylor henderson but unfortunately came 2nd :( but taylor had a great voice too :o. Jai is now 15 and still in the bushiness :).
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Obviously he LOVES singing & music but he also loves surfing heres a pic off instagram of him surfing :)
Even tho Jai is a big Singer in AUS and New Zealand he still needs to study but it would be harder to study because he has recently did a tour around AUS with justice crew and if i was Jai it would be really hard to study with everything going on.
Lives In
Please Share!!
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Jai Waetford <3
Please tell and show Jai Waetford to all the people you know i think he should be reconised beacuse he is talented and really cute ;)
Jai Waetford
Get To Know You - Jai Waetford

Australia, Sydney But was origanily from New Zealand, timuru.
Just a cute video
Jai waetford and Sarah Ellen
Warning: Cuteness may cause fainting!
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