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No description

Jean Sienkowski

on 21 March 2014

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Transcript of Blindsided

A nightmare come true
Ever since Natalie came to the school she didn't want to use a cane. She was afraid of what her friends would say if she used one because when you learn to use one there is no going back. When her teacher made her pick a cane Natalie got mad and knocked every cane off the hook when she grabbed one. And when she had to learn how to use one she did not even try.
Thank you for listening
Day one
When Natalie got to the blind center she was very angry and skeptical . She got to her room and had to say good bye to her mom. She met a girl named Serena and they became "friends."
Before what happened
Natalie is a typical fourteen- year- old girl. A great student, lots of friends, a loving family. Then something happened...
By:Molly Nunley

The diagnosis
When Natalie was 14 she she was diagnosed and was told that she would soon loose her sight. After this she has to say good bye to all of her friends and goes to a school for the blind. Although she has not lost her sight yet her needs to learn the skills in case she loses her sight completely.
A statement
Because Natalie was not blind quit yet she wanted to let everyone know that she was not like them. Natalie refused to use a cane and wouldn't use braille.
What Docter Rose said
"I'm so sorry, but there is nothing else we can do.
Absolutely nothing. I'm afraid you're going to lose you're sight completely. To be honest, she could loose her sight anytime now. Several months, few weeks, or even over night. My best guess is in a few weeks. It's important that she gets all the help she can get right now. No time to waste."
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