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Confidentiality: HIPAA Compliance

No description

Teen Challenge

on 6 September 2018

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Transcript of Confidentiality: HIPAA Compliance

What is HIPAA?
HIPAA and Teen Challenge
Authorization of Release
HIPAA stands for "Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act"

HIPAA is a nationwide set of standards related to the collection, storage and use of a person's private health information in electronic format.

The basic idea of HIPAA is that a person's private health information cannot be disclosed by an employer or health care provider without their written consent except for certain narrowly defined purposes
generally related to treatment, payment and health operations.

Unless a Teen Challenge organization electronically bills a third party payee for services provided to the student, the organization doesn't technically qualify as a "covered health care provider" which must follow the Privacy Rules that govern HIPAA. However, there are some general privacy rules that still must be followed. Those privacy rules are..........
HIPAA rules added these
additional circumstances that require a release of informaiton signed by the student.

If Teen Challenge would like information about a student's doctor appointment or medical records
A Teen Challenge staff member needs to pick up a prescription from the pharmacy for an individual.
When dealing with third party health care providers, such as doctors or pharmacies, we must be sure to have written authorization by the student to receive the confidential information.
Annual Staff Training
HIPAA Compliance
The authorization to release form needs to be on file at the doctor's office or the pharmacy. For example, if you are picking up a prescription for a student, then you need to make sure the pharmacy has authorization of release form on file for that student. If you are receiving information about a student's appointment at a Dr.'s office, you need to make sure the Dr.'s office has an authorization of release form on file for the student.
*in addition to the requirements of 42 CFR § 2.1
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