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No description

Stefany Guido

on 17 February 2017

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Transcript of Dictionary

Look that up!
What is a dictionary?

What is included in a dictionary entries?
Why do dictionaries have several definitions listed?
Definition Game
Everyone has a bag on their table

Take out the cards in the bags.

We are going to read a sentence and the table with the correct definition of the word used in the sentence needs to stand up.
Guide Words
What is a guide word?
Tell whether each word is found on this page of the dictionary.
Ham Handy Hello
Hall Happy Hang
On which page is the word grind?
Is the word bug on page 32?
Which day of the week can be found on page 314?
Would the word dime be found before or after page 97?
Exit Ticket
Work with your shoulder partner to put your baggie of words on the correct page.

Page Before
On the Same Page
After this Page
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