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The Rattail Fish

No description

frankie langer

on 8 March 2011

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Transcript of The Rattail Fish

The Rattail's Avrage weight is about 3000g
It ranges from 1-4 feet in length . As you can see the Rattail has a swift tail that helps them swim away or at any prey or preditors. The Rattail is the most abundant benthos fish LOOK AT THIS VIDEO :) LOOK AT THIS VIDEO :) Claasifyed as an actinopterygii Scientific name:Coryphaenoides Acerolepis Lives to be 20-30 years of age. Lives in the Hadal and Abysall zones in the ocean in over 3000 M Lives with sponges,clams, and other deep sea dish. moves slow to conserve energy Strums their gull Blader to make sound has a light producing organ , ( photophores ) to make light. eats fish, crustaeans, and cephalopods Known to be smelly and ugly Attention
do NOT watch this
if you can be
scared easily, its creepy Thank you for taking the time to
learn about the rattail fish.
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