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The life cycle of siamese fighting fish

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maria gutierrez

on 3 April 2014

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Transcript of The life cycle of siamese fighting fish

Infancy: The eggs hatch within 36 hours. Baby bettas (fry) stay in the bubble nest until they've absorbed their yolk sacs at about 5 days of age.
Stage 5
Adulthood: Bettas became fully adult between 3 and 12 months of age.
Stage 4
At 3 – 6 weeks of age they develop a labyrinth organ. Bettas will use this special adaptation, in addition to their gills, to breathe air directly from the atmosphere
The life cycle of siamese fighting fish
Stage 1
Parental Romance:The life cycle begins with the parents' romance. First the male creates a "bubblenest" by blowing air bubbles in the water.
Stage 2
What do the siamese fighting fish eat?

The Siamese fighting fish is a carnivorous species of animals and therefore, the diet Siamese fighting fish is meat based. Siamese fighting fish mainly eat insects and brine shrimp and also the larger food particles tat are part of the plankton in the water.

What are the predators of the siamese fighting fish?
The predators of the Siamese fighting fish include larger fish, cats, newts, salamanders, birds and humans who catch the Siamese fighting fish to keep in tanks at home.
FERTILIZATION: During spawning, the male and female betta curl their bodies together under the bubblenest. The female lays the eggs and the male fertilizes them.
day 5
A betta’s natural life span is 3 – 4 years. Some bettas have been known to live for 5 years.
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