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Lob's Girl Plot Diagram

No description

David Yoon

on 10 November 2014

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Transcript of Lob's Girl Plot Diagram

Lob's Girl Plot Diagram
By: David
The Pengelly family was at the
beach when a dog came up to Sandy
and began licking her face
Lob returned to the Pengelly's kitchen
destroying Mrs.Pengelly's house with
a torn ear and a patch missing out his fur
Lob came crashing through
the Pengelly's kitchen
destroying Mrs.Pengelly's
blackberry jelly.
Sandy and lob walked to Aunt
Becky's to spend the evening
with her.
Dr.Travers discovered that
Sandy was hit by a truck.
Bert Pengelly told Granny Pearce that
Lob was killed by the same truck
that hit Sandy
A dog was waiting outside the
hospital doors trying to get insid
Granny Pearce saw the guard showing "Lob" in to see
Granny Pearce convince the
porter let "Lob" in to see Sandy
Granny Pearce, Mr.Pengelly,
and Mrs.Pengelly turned to look at the trail of dripping wet footprints that led down the hospital stairs.
Lob was buried at
Sandy opened her eyes when
she heard "Lob's whine.
Lob came crashing through the
Pengelly's kitchen windoe destroying
Mrs.Pengelly's Chtistmas Pidding
Mr.Pengelly returned Lob to
Mr.Dodsworth's at the Fisherman's
gave Lob to the
Pengelly family
as a gift
Mr.Pengelly returned
Lob to Mr.Dodsworth's
home in Liverpool -
400 miles away
Rising action
Falling action
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