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just read the title

Alek Hope

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of PSYCH BOOK REPORT!!!!!!!!!! ONE SECOND AFTER!!!!

BLACK MOUNTAIN, NORTH CAROLINA ONE SECOND AFTER WILLIAM R. FORSTCHEN A Quick Synopsis Noster Heros, John Matherson, a professor of history at Black Mountain Community College, leads a difficult life. First, his wife gets diagnosed with cancer. Then, his youngest daughter gets diagnosed with diabetes (the bad kind). His wife eventually succumbs to her illness, leaving John to cope with two daughters, a dying father-in-law, and, eventually, the greatest attack on American soil in history: a modified nuclear attack that sends EMP (Electro-Magnetic Pulse) waves throughout our proud, noble, great, beautiful, amazing, and not smelly nation. This turns off all electrical devices, from cell phones to cars to... other electrical things. Born in 1950. Wrote some books.
Wikipedia was kind of vague. THE AUTHOR: HIM AND STUFF THE WHY OF WRITING Mr. Forstchen wrote this novel to warn the general public of the irrecoverable dangers of an EMP attack on the Estados Unidos. ANOTHER INFORVIDEO. WATCH AND BE AMAZED An informational video, enjoy. THINGS I DIDN'T KNOW 1.EMP- turns out it's not something Call of Duty made up. It means... you watched the video.

2.North Carolina- a state on the Eastern seaboard. Who knew?

3.People turn to cannibalism really quickly in a survival situation.

4.William R. Forstchen is a cold blooded killer

5.Books can tug my heartstrings

6.Diabetes is some bad stuff

7.As is tetanus

8.Most people won't survive the atomic holocaust

9.Geezers may actually be useful

10. My keyboard is pretty jacked up KEY CHARACTERS JOHN MATHERSON- The protagonist. A born leader, and father of two. His leadership skillz will be tested, and he will be forced to do things he never would have thought possible. WHY DEY DO DAT? The main character, John Matherson, has overcome some tough stuff along the course of the novel. In one scene, two men are convicted of stealing life-saving medicines from the local nursing home. They are sentenced to be publicly executed, and, with no one else taking the cup, John has to step up and put the thieves down.
He also must kill his beloved pet golden retrievers for food. (It was really sad, dude.)
Some of his tough decisions may have been influenced by his assumed leadership role; he takes ownership of the town, and therefor its inhabitants. And like any good history professor, he protects his charges adamantly. Just skip to 3/4ths through RELATION TO REAL LIFE Although disasters like this have never happened large-scale, this novel is a realistic look at the outcome of an EMP attack on the USA. So read and be amazed. SHOULD YOU READ THIS BOOK?!? Yes. You should. The Pentagon stated that "it is a novel every (literate) American should read". So read it. Now. The library might have a copy. You might find it a a Books-a-Million or Barnes&Nobels. MUSIC!!!!
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