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Marketing Plan

No description

Katrine Nuñez

on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of Marketing Plan

Current Marketing Situation Analysis
Marketing Plan:
Selecta Ice Cream
Presented to:
Ms. Genelyn Bermudo

SWOT Analysis
Vision And Mission
Goals And Objectives
Target Market
Product Development/Innovation program
Presented by:
Arendain, Camille Anne
Aspera, Ruth
Constante, Lorie
Malayo, Jenelyn
Nuñez, Katrine Joy
Reyes, Ariane
Valiente, Angelica Mae

I. Industry Analysis
Market size: Industry Data: 8.75 billion
Consumer Data: 9.3 billion
Competitive Data: 7.4 billion

On the average, the Philippine ice cream industry is estimated to be at Php 8.5 billion

Current Trends in the Philippine Ice Cream Industry
>Premiumization of ice cream flavors
>Demand for healthier dessert options

II. Current Brand/ Product Situation
> Selecta is the leading ice cream brand nationwide
> Selecta comes in different variants
> Price is at par with competitors
> Selecta has nationwide distribution and
aggressive TV ads
> Selecta is known for its gold can packaging
> Selecta’s ice cream stick is a first in the world

III. Competitive Situation
Direct Competitors:
Nestle, Magnolia, Dirty Ice Cream
> Selecta is currently the leader in overall market shares
> Does well in the bulk ice cream category, with 80% of its total ice cream output composing of bulk ice cream
> Has high-quality product standards, innovative marketing and promotion strategies, modern production technology, and strong distribution network at par with major competition

> Limitation of their distribution network only to key urban areas
> Output of Frozen Novelties is only at 20% without having it strongly established in the market

> Improvement of distribution systems among companies remain quantitative through increased numbers of freezers provided to distribution channels
> Common in all competitors are their intentions to greatly expand their distribution capabilities (Nestle, Magnolia, etc.)
> Smaller competitors are looking into getting at par with the production capabilities of the main competitors

To be the largest brand leader of ice cream in the Philippines
To produce and market better range of ice cream products that offer delights and pleasures to enhance everyday occasions as well as life’s special moments of Filipino consumers.
To win stomachs and hearts to become the Philippines preferred pleasure food through its passion for exceeding the expectations of consumers, unwavering dedication to quality, and unrelenting quest to improve itself through its innovation.

Develop new product line that entails quality flavors but also enhances customers brand recall (MT)
Develop an attractive and convenient take home and impulse packages that comes in different shapes and sizes. (MT)
Introduce a new product line that caters to the health conscious demands of consumers particularly by having more milk, less sugar and making it fruit-flavored. (ST)

Develop a new pricing strategy that competes with current competitors to generate a total sale which can exceed its total marketing costs by securing a market share of at least 70% (LT)
Further expand and develop distribution systems to make products more accessible to consumers. (MT)
Secure footing in the market through aggressive advertising and marketing efforts that will answer to the countering efforts of the competitors. (LT)
 Market is geographically segmented on Philippine regions
 Children with ages 4-12
> Who belong in social class which prioritizes
child-centered activities and family bonding
> Who loves ice cream but are not in favor of
fruits or healthier choices

Psychographic segmentation: Impulsive behavior
Targets are children who eat ice cream whenever there is available, whenever they see ads or see other persons eating ice cream.

Selecta’s PTM’s NWD
Sense of belonging when bonded with family; Address hunger
Variety of flavors; Satisfy craving for sweet and flavorful treats; affordability; more milk, less sugar; tub design; different varieties in one packaging
Ice cream with healthier benefits

Pricing Program
Selecta ice cream applies “pandesal pricing” to keep their ice cream affordable. They reduce their ice cream containers instead of increasing their price (ex. from 1.5L to 1.3L).
Sales and Distribution Program
Policies of Distribution:
Deliveries will have a minimum quantity limit to ensure no abnormal losses from fuel usage
Prices will be discounted in delivery and some ice cream packages would be offered.
Discount cards would be offered so that patrons would be able to get a free item upon purchase of a product through delivery

The new distribution program proposed to have a new distribution channel which is the set-up of delivery outlets that shall bring the ordered products to the consumers in just a matter of minutes.
Communication Program
A. Advertising Program
a) Newspapers
b) Flyers
c) Radio Announcements
d) Television Ads
e) Web Pages
f) Posters/ Tarpaulins
g) Special Events

B. Sales Promotion Program
a) Coupon (Consumer)
b) Free limited Item (Consumer)
c) Free Sample (Trade)
d) Trade Allowance (Trade)
e) Free Merchandise (Trade)

C. Public Relations Program
a) Sponsorship/ Product Placement
b) Employees Discount
c) Web Page
d) Wholesaler/Retailer Suggestion
e) Public Relation Desk

Investment Plans
B. Promotions
a) Freebies
b) Small Booths

Total Cost of Promotions:
P 803,150

A. Advertisements
a) Packaging
b) Printout Materials
c) Commercials
d) Online Advertisements

Total Cost of Advertisements: P9,503,500

of Profitability
Reports show an increase in the net income of Selecta ice cream products by 28% from Php 302 million to 387 million.
Annual sales were reported to be at Php 302 million so estimated expenses would be at 85 million.
However, the proposed marketing strategies are indicating an increase in advertising costs with an estimate of Php 10 million

of Results
Key Performance Indicators:
a. Return On Investment e) Retailer Response
b) Sales Numbers f) Salespeople
c) Customer Response g) Competitor Response
d) Expansion
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