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Career Shadowing

My day at Florida Dance Theatre

Daizysha Brown

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Career Shadowing

CAREER SHADOWING 1. My day at florida dance theatre By: Daizysha Brown My Mentor: Ms. Shanelle 2. A day in the life at florida dance theatre for my mentor- 5. Start dance rehershal at 10:00 and go on to 3:00 4. Run through all the choregraphy 21. Pancake thier shoes for shows 22. pancaking is using your make- up color skin tone and putting it on your shoes to match your skin tone 23. the shoe will complete your line She teaches monday through saturday 6. She takes ballet and modern classes daily to improve stregnth and flexibility 7. sometimes she will have shows during the week 3.once out of high school she came straight to florida dance theatre 14. she teaches dance to the kids at the lakeland housing authority 16. some of her future goals are:
to dance around the world 17.be a major choregrapher 18. own a dance clothing line for women of color 19. & Start a dance company 11. During shows they have many quick changes between numbers 12. if you mess up, you have to play it off 13. THE SHOW MUST GO ON 10. Every one has their own apartment 8. Florida Dance Theatre is a paid company 9. Carol Berks is the founder 15. Modern dancing is mood dancing 24. You get very tired and hungry 20. Her major goal is to dance for as long as she is living
or as long as she is able This job doesn't involve very much technology. The only technology they use is to control the music and lights, and to print programs. To have this job she needed experience with dance
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