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Popular Hairstyles for Girls: Then and Now

The "bob" hairstyle, popular in the 60's were introduced after World War I. Currently, the "fishtail braid" is popular.


on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of Popular Hairstyles for Girls: Then and Now

By: Shreya Yellepeddy Popular Hairstyles: Then and Now Step 3 Step 2 How to "fishtail braid" your hair Step 1 The "Fishtail Braid" the "bob" hairstyle was popular among girls who worked in the 60's.
the "fishtail braid" is popular in current times. Then and Now Items you will need:
hair brush
aerosol hairspray (not required)
2 rubber bands
bobby pins The "fishtail braid" will work best with medium to long hair. Begin by combing lightly through your hair to remove any tangles. If necessary, use an aerosol hairspray to comb through the tangles without difficulty. After removing the tangles, tie your hair in to a ponytail. If you have used an aerosol hairspray, make sure your hair is not damp at the outset. After tying your hair in to a ponytail, divide it roughly into two equal sections. Step 4 Next, take a thin strip of hair from one of the divided sections. To prevent making your hair damp, avoid working with water. Step 5 Take this thin strip of hair and cross it over to the opposite section. Then move it to the inner part of this section. As shown above, we have taken a thin strip of hair from the outside of the right side of the divided hair. The "Bob" Hairstyle Items you will need
spray bottle of water
blow dryer
flat-iron How to Style your Hair in a "bob" Step 1 Slightly dampen your hair by using a spray bottle of water. Step 2 Use a blow dryer to dry the hair while combing through it. When doing this make sure to:
lift your hair at the back of the neck and blow-dry the roots if your hair is wavy. This will give the hair more volume.
avoid blow-drying directly on the scalp if you have curly hair .
While doing this make sure not to tousle, or ruffle your hair to avoid tangles. Step 3 Step 4 Step 5 Part, or move your hair in different directions to give the appearance that your hair is divided by a line. If you choose to part your hair in the middle, it should be aligned with your nose. If you choose to part your hair to the side, it should be aligned closely to either one of your eyebrows.
Use a rat-tail comb to part your hair. Separate a small area of hair and slide the flat iron down the length of the hair. As you do this, lean the flat iron slightly near the tips of the hair, to make it turn inwards. Step 6 Repeat the same process, by alternating the strands taken between both sections. Step 7 Introduction I read the book, "The Outsiders" by S.E. Hinton. This quote from the book, "One had short dark hair, and the other had long red hair.", made me curious about the hair styles for girls in the late 1960's. I decided to compare and learn about popular hairstyles in the 1960's and in current times. When you reach the tip of your hair, tie the ends with a rubber band securely. Use bobby pins to hold the loose strands of hair. Tie up your hair using a rubber band. Use both hands as shown above. This is the thin strip of hair. avoid spraying your hair with too much water As we have shown here, take the strip of hair from the right side and join it to the inner part of the left side. You can use a flat-iron similar to this. In Conclusion... As shown here, we have taken a strip of hair from the right side of the divided hair and crosses it over to the left side. As shown here, we have taken a thin strip of hair from the left side and then, we crossed it over to the right side. Continue this process, until all of your hair is turned inwards. This will give your hair more volume.
This can be achieved by teasing, or combing your hair in an upwards direction to make it seem thicker. You could also adorn your hair with bobby pins or anything else of your choice. You can use decorative bobby pins like these. Using the end of the rat-tail comb makes it easier to part your hair. Hairstyles have been changing with the times among women in different age groups. What seemed to be in style in the 1960's is not as preferred in current times. In the 1960's, the "bob" hairstyle was a preferred style for women who began to work alongside men. Comparing the "fishtail braid" to the "bob", the "fishtail braid" is associated only with medium to long hair while the "bob" is only for short hair. The "bob" is easier to maintain and takes a shorter time to prepare compared to the "fishtail braid". The "bob" style does not need accessories while the "fishtail braid" requires accessories to maintain the style and neatness. In my opinion, we were better off with the bob style due to the ease with which one could style it. With this style, you have an option of choosing to use accessories although it is not required. Even so, both hairstyles are straightforward and easy to style. Terminology Part: to move the hair in different directions creating a line at which the hair appears divided.

Tease: the process of creating the impression of thicker hair by combing in an upwards direction.

Tousle: to ruffle and create tangles.
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