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Active Commerce Overview

No description

Eric Allen

on 30 April 2013

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Transcript of Active Commerce Overview

Content & Commerce Content Explosion Mission "the amount of content created and replicated grew by 9x just 5 years." IDC, Digital Universe Multiple teams,
same goals Inside organizations
the web is broken Investment Priorities "Commerce organizations are drowning in content. Organizations are seeking solutions, yet are faced with a confusing landscape of solutions and approaches." Forrester, Content Conundrum • A Combination of deep consumer e-commerce and Sitecore experience

• Delivering a superior out of the box e-commerce user experience

• Combining Content Management, Marketing and E-commerce in one solution Vision • Active Commerce removes the cost and complexity of integrating, managing and supporting e-commerce and CMS systems

• Active Commerce does for e-commerce and marketing personalization what ERP’s did for production, planning and distribution

• Active Commerce helps business create a personalized shopping experience that builds customer relationships Solution Unite teams: Same goals, same system.

Simplify: managed solution, on demand. Launch in weeks, not months.

Reduced costs: Brands Turn cost center into profit center.

Synergy: from profiling, personalization and testing to e-commerce localization, optimization and conversion. We grow mid market companies by helping them get closer to their customers through: SOLUTION 900% Content Growth 20% E-Commerce Growth Active commerce will help grow your online profit more quickly
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