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Delicieux Bakery Business Plan Presentation

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Kamesh Vedula

on 17 October 2013

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Transcript of Delicieux Bakery Business Plan Presentation

By Kamesh Vedula, Chaitanya Angadala, Ishmam Nawar, and Siddhant Nikam
Délicieux Bakery
Our Business
-Our Bakery Satisfies both
-We provide them with their need for food
-And we give them what they want
-Good quality food
Features and Benefits
Target Market
Wants and Needs
Sample Pricing
Phases of the Business Cycle
Délicieux Bakery
Economic Resources
Total Economic Resources cost
355,000 US Dollars
$150,000 total employee salary, $10,000 monthly rent, $25,000 for one time supplies and $5000 for monthly supplies
- In a Prosperity our business will increase prices by 5% to 10% while hiring 3-5 new workers and adding another location
- In a Recession we will layoff 2-3 workers and lower our prices by 5%
It's Time for Perfection.
- In Depression we will layoff 2-3 more workers and decrease our prices by another 5 to 10 percent.
- In a Recovery we will hire 2-3 workers while increasing our prices by 5%
Type of Business
- We are a manufacturer and a marketer
- We are a manufacturer because we make products out of raw goods
- We are a marketer because we sell the finished goods
Form of Business
Our form of Business is a Partnership
- We are a partnership so all four of us could have an equal share of the company.
- Did not want to become a corporation.
- work with partners with different skills
- easy to start
-banks are more willing to give loan to partnerships
-unlimited liability
-If any partner does something wrong we are all liable
- limited liability
- only lose what you invest
- doesn't end if owner sells stock
- high federal and state taxes
- government closely monitors corporations
- difficult to start corporation
Our Partnership Agreement
We Hope that you will invest in us.
Thank You
Our Organizational Chart
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