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The Bloody Chamber Quotes (A Level)

No description

Emma Perry

on 29 April 2015

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Transcript of The Bloody Chamber Quotes (A Level)

The Bloody Chamber
Key Quotes

The Bloody Chamber
"When he put the gold band on my finger, I... ceased to be her child in becoming his wife."
"My indomitable mother... Had outfaced... pirates, nursed a village through the plague, shot a man eating tiger."
"He was older than I... There were streaks of pure silver in his dark mane."
"His castle... its spiked gate... cut off by the tide from land for half a day."
"And with that I must be content"
"And so my purchaser unwrapped his bargain"
"The lilies... that are white. And stain you."
"All the better to see y0u."
"It must have been my innocence that captivated him"
"this lovely prison of which I was both the inmate and the mistress"
"ring for which I had sold myself to this fate"
"The door slowly, nervously opened"
"Governed by a destiny as oppressive and omnipotent as himself."
"The red mark would not go away"
"Twisted my hair, and drew it away from my neck"
"The king, aghast, witnesses the revolt of his pawns"
"Her hair was her white mane"
"She raised my father's gun... and put a single,,, bullet through my husband's head."
The Courtship of Mr Lyon
"The snow possessed a light of its own"
"Her chores in the mean kitchen"
"His beauty, his girl-child, his pet."
"barred all within it from the outside world"
"The laws of the world... Need not necessarily apply"
"The last rose left living in all the white winter"
"Her eyes might see your soul"
"A lion is a lion and a man is a man"
"Difference... almost intolerable; its presence choked her"
"Miss Lamb, spotless, sacrificial"
"Do not think she has no will of her own"
"Voice that seemed... from a cave full of echoes"
"Watched the firelight play on the gold fringes of his mane"
"Eyes in which she saw her face repeated twice"
"She had never noticed... his agate eyes were equipped with lids, like those of a man"
"Beauty would pass the day in her suite reading or... doing a little embroidery"
"She could not bring herself to touch him of her own free will"
"She smiled at herself with satisfaction"
"Her trance at the mirror broke"
"The thin ghost of a light on the verge of extinction"
"I have come home"
"Covered his paws with her kisses"
"It was no longer a lion in her arms but a man"
Common themes:
Innocence/ Virginity
Objectification of women
Man vs nature
The Tigers bride
The Erl King
The Snow Child
Lady of the House of Love
The Werewolf
The Company of Wolves
Wolf- Alice
"Midwinter- Invincible, Immaculate"
"Wrapped in the glittering pelts of black foxes; and she wore high, black, shining boots with scarlet heels, and spurs"
"As white as snow... red as blood... as black as that bird's feather."
"As soon as he completed her description, there she stood"
"Stark naked; she was the child of his desires and the Countess hated her"
"The countess had only one thought: How shall I be rid of her?"
"'I can't deny you that,' said the Count"
"The girl picks a rose; pricks her finger on the thorn; bleeds; screams; falls"
"The countess reined in her stamping mare and watched him narrowly; he was soon finished"
"Then the girl began to melt"
"Sobbing in a derelict bedroom... a cracked mirror... does not reflect a single presence"
"Helplessly perpetuates her ancestral crimes"
"A girl who is both death and the maiden"
"She is herself a cave full of echoes"
"Can a bird sing only the song it knows or can it learn a new song?"
"The cage in which her pet lark sings"
"Closely barred shutters and heavy velvet curtains keep out every leak of natural light"
"She lays out her inevitable Tarot"
"The roses her dead mother planted have grown up into a huge, spiked wall that incarcerates her in the castle of her inheritance"
"But now she is a woman, she must have men"
"To ride a bicycle is in itself some protection against superstitious fears... the bicycle is the product of pure reason"
"Too many roses bloomed on enormous thickets that lined the path"
"The old lady... took charge of his bicycle"
"She is like a doll... a ventriloquist's doll... She does not possess herself"
"She knows no other consummation than the only one she can offer him"
"Sharp silver pierces deeply into the pad of her thumb.... she has never seen her own blood before"
"Thin and cheap the satin, the catafalque... black-painted paper stretched on struts of wood, as in the theater"
"I was only an invention of darkness"
"They have cold weather, they have cold hearts"
"Wild beasts in the forest"
"There are no flowers to put in front of them, no flowers grow there"
"Do not leave the path because of the... starving wolves... take your father's hunting knife; you know how to use it."
"The child had a scabby coat of sheepskin to keep out the cold, she knew the forest too well to fear it but she must always be on her guard"
"She dropped her gifts, seized her knife and turned on the beast"
"The old woman... began to struggle, squawking and shrieking like a thing possessed. But the child was strong and armed with her father's hunting knife"
"Beating her old carcass as far as the edge of the forest, and pelted her with stones until she fell down"
"They will be like shadows... a congregation of nightmare"
"You are always in danger in the forest, where no people are"
"If you stray from the path for one instant, the wolves will eat you."
"The grave-eyed children... always carry knives with them when they go out"
"We try... but sometimes we cannot keep them out"
"The wolf may be more than he seems"
"The night of the solstice, the hinge of the year when things do not fit together as well as they should"
"Burn his human clothing you condemn him to wolfishness for the rest of his life"
"The eyes alone unchanged by metamorphosis"
"The strong-minded child insists she will go off through the wood"
"Children do not stay young for long in this savage country"
"The red shawl... her breasts have just begun to swell... her cheeks are an emblematic scarlet and white and she has just started her woman's bleeding"
"She stands and moves within the invisible pentacle of her own virginity... she has her knife and she is afraid of nothing"
"The forest closed upon her like a pair of jaws"
"Her practiced hand sprang to the handle of her knife"
"Grandmother's house stood by itself a little way out of the village"
"She has her Bible for company, she is a pious old woman"
"We keep the wolves outside by living well"
"All the better to eat you with... The girl burst out laughing: she knew she was nobody's meat."
"She sleeps in granny's bed, between the paws of the tender wolf"
"She would have called herself a wolf, but she cannot speak, although she howls because she is lonely-- yet 'howl' is not the right word"
"Irreparable gulf of absence; they answer her from faraway pine forest and the bald mountain rim"
"Her pace is not our pace"
"Nothing about her is human except that she is not a wolf"
"She snapped at her would-be saviors with her spiky canines until they tied her up by force"
"She always seemed wild, impatient of restraint, capricious in temper"
"All alone but for this child who has as little in common with the rest of us as he does"
"Nothing can hurt him since he ceased to cast an image in the mirror"
"We secluded her... out of fear of her imperfection because it showed us what we might have been"
"Her first blood... the moon had been shining into the kitchen"
"The world around her was assuming form"
"He believes himself to be both less and more than a man"
"Her relation with the mirror was now far more intimate... she knew she saw herself within it"
"Locked half and half between such strange states"
"There's a special madness strikes travelers from the North when they reach the lovely land where the lemon trees grow"
"You think you've come to the blessed plot where the lion lies down with the lamb."
"The chill damp of this place creeps into... your bones, into the spongy pith of the lungs"
"The still mask that concealed all the features of The Beast but for the yellow eyes"

"This white rose, unnatural, out of season"
"Those distant years before he imposed seclusion on himself"
"One profile of his mask is the mirror image of the other, too perfect, uncanny."
"He is a carnival figure made of papier mâché and crêpe hair"

"You must not think my father valued me at less than a king's ransom"
"I have lost my pearl, my pearl beyond price."
"A bunch of his master's damned white roses as if a gift of flowers would reconcile a woman to any humiliation."
"And she could not tame me into submission"
"The palace was dismantled, as if its owner were about to move house or had never properly moved in"
"I will not smile. He cannot smile."
"In the face of my impassivity, the valet twittered"
"my eyes were level with those inside the mask that now evaded mine"
"I let out a raucous guffaw; no young lady laughs like that! my old nurse used to remonstrate. But I did. And do."
"I was a young girl, a virgin, and therefore men denied me rationality"
"I had been bought and sold, passed from hand to hand."
"The tiger will never lie down with the lamb... The lamb must learn to run with the tigers."
"He will gobble you up."
"And each stroke of his tongue ripped off skin after successive skin"
"The lucidity, the clarity of the light that afternoon was sufficient to itself"
"There is a haunting sense of the imminent cessation of being"
"Perfect transparency must be impenetrable, these vertical bars of a brass-coloured distillation of light"
"The woods enclose. You step between the first trees and then... the wood swallows you up."
"Everything in the wood is exactly as it seems."
"It is easy to lose yourself in these woods."
"Erl-King will do you grievous harm."
"It was a garden where all the flowers were birds and beasts... crouching at his feet... The rusty fox... laid its head upon his knee."
"His eyes are quite green... There are some eyes can eat you"
"When he combs his hair.... dead leaves fall out of it"
"The white moon above the clearing coldly illuminates the still tableaux of our embracements."
"He strips me to my last nakedness... like a skinned rabbit"
"Eat me, drink me; thirsty, cankered, goblin-ridden"
"What big eyes you have."
"I have seen the cage you are weaving for me; it is a very pretty one and I shall sit... among the other singing birds but I"

"I shall take two huge handfuls of his rustling hair... softly... I shall strangle him with them."
"Then she will open all the cages and let the birds free; they will change back into young girls... with the crimson imprint of his love-bite on their throats."
"He's a cat of the world, cosmopolitan, sophisticated..."
"And she. A princess in a tower... dragon-guarded"
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