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America and the World in the 1930's

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jada frazier

on 29 April 2014

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Transcript of America and the World in the 1930's

America and the World in the 1930's
The Stock Market Crash and The Great Depression
The Dust Bowl
Even though it was a natural disaster and caused an impact on the economy, the people believed that the Dust Bowl could have been prevented by better farming equipment and taking better care of farmland
Herbert Hoover
When was Herbert Hoover president?
1929- 1933
What were his major policies as president?
The Dust Bowl was a series of dust storms that destroyed a lot of farmland.
The Dust Bowl happened all over the Great Plains but impacted all of the United States.
The storms really impacted farmers because it was so dry making it impossible to grow crops.
Even though the government has slightly recovered, The Stock Market Crash that lead to the Great Depression effected the government and the relationship between the government and it's citizens.
Domestic- expanded national forests and parks, increased federal highway spending, and reorganized the federal prison system
What condition was the country in when he started as president?
Did you know that when the farmers would cut open the cattle they found that their stomachs were filled with sand from breathing it.
Economic collapse/ Great depression. Stock market crashed in 1929
"Black Friday" was when retailers reported some of their highest profits made than before, during the Great Depression. Today It's know as the day after Thanksgiving when stores have HUGE sales.
Herbert Hoover
What major changes happened in the U.S while Herbert was president?
- What was "Black Friday"?
-What caused the stock market to crash?
Stock market crashed
Tried to encourage expansion of public and private construction
What is the Dust Bowl?
What condition was the country in when he left?
It was still in the Great Depression and it started getting worse
What do people remember him for?
The people did not like him. But he tried really hard.He was known as a hard worker.
What impact did the Dust Bowl have on life in America?

Herbert Hoover Timeline
Farmers had a hard time due to no water and dry land and weather.
Dozens of farmer strikes erupted
It left people desperate for work
-What impact did the Stock Market Crash have on Americans and life in America?
-Tragic events that occurred immediately after the Crash.
-What was the Great depression?
Franklin D. Roosevelt
When was F.D.R President?
How was the Dust Bowl connected to the Great Depression?
The Dust Bowl arrived at the same time as the Great Depression
The drought was also a contributing factor; it didn't just stop raining for a season but a whole year.
What condition was the country in when he started?
Great Depression, millions unemployed, thousands of farmers with mortgages foreclosed, and banks went bankrupt.
What were his major policies?
It lead to the Great Depression.
Bank owners and business owners were worried that they would lose their business.
unemployment rates increased rapidly.
Due to the high unemployment, people didn't have money to go to the store.
Downturn in spending and investment led factories and other businesses to slow down production and construction.
Pushed legislature to grant tax relief to farm communities in economic difficulty
Wanted to promote welfare to the citizens
Could the Dust Bowl have been prevented?
It wasn't only caused by natural disasters but also poor farming techniques that stripped the land of protective topsoil leaving dirt and dust behind.
It could have slightly been prevented if farmers took better care of their land
-What factors lead to the Great Depression?
How did Herbert Hoover deal with the Dust Bowl?
-What was life like for Americans during the Great Depression?
People said he didn't care about the situation
They also said he didn't care about how it impacted the people, he plainly just didn't care
He did not believe they should offer relief to poverty-stricken people
He believed that it would be over in 60 days, he was wrong
He underestimated the crisis and did not think it was serious.
-Who was hardest hit and how during the Great depression?
What were the Hoovervilles?
Great Depression
What major changes happened in the U.S. while F.D.R was president?
The Stock Market Crash
Put the gov. through the greatest upheaval it had ever known in peacetime.
Helped a lot of families in need
Developed new agencies
expanded the white house office
Hoovervilles were shanty towns built by the homeless people during the Great Depression.
They were named after Herbert Hoover who was blamed for the Depression.
What condition was the country in when he left?
He created peace with other countries
People had money
Banks were opening
Who were the Okies?
The Stock Market Crash and the Great Depression
During the Great Depression most people migrated to Oklahoma than any other state.
Okies are the people of Oklahoma
Owners of businesses and banks because people wouldn't have any money to go to stores so rates would go down and put stores out of work. Also banks kept failing.
What were his legacies?
Life for Americans was hard and stressful because nearly 8 million people were sleeping on streets and the majority had no job to support their families.
Passed the AAA act to bring farmers more purchasing power
Passed the N.I.R.A. act
Ruth Beck,

Jada Frazier,
Stacy Wyatt

Drew Dilley

What do people remember him for?
The Great Depression.
He was loving and caring. He helped a lot of people and he was very smart
F.D.R. Timeline
Herbert Hoover and Franklin D. Roosevelt were influential presidents in the 1930's because they were able to manage their people and the events that happened during the great depression.
Any Questions?
How did Hitler come to power?
He came into power by addressing the problems of Germany and then later being elected president of the Nazi Party because of his amazing speeches. Germany before Hitler came to power was run by the Weimar Republic, which gave Germany its first ever democratic government system.
Hitler believed the Ayran race was the perfect race, and that Jews were the source of all Evil in German and the world.
Who were the Nazis? National Socialist German Workers Party. They were a political party joined by mostly unemployed men in Germany
Jews were targeted by hitler because he thought they were the source of all evil.

Who was Adolf Hitler ?
The leader of the National Socialist German worker party, or the Nazi’s
When was this man born and what was his family like?
He was born on April 20th, 1889.
His mother died when Hitler was 3 years old, his father died when he was just 12. Hitler had a brother and a sister, they died in the 1950s both of fatal heartattacks.

The Rise of Hitler & the Nazis

Various economic imbalances and structural failing.
A severe worldwide economic depression in the decade preceding World War ll
The stock market crash
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