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A Teenager's Life in the 1930's

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epro10 epro10

on 10 July 2013

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Transcript of A Teenager's Life in the 1930's

It seems to me you don't understand what all the fuss is all about. The show, which told about the invasion of creatures from Mars, was a news broadcast format. The broadcast caused panic. Tens of thousands of listeners panicked and called the police...
3 months later Dad
lost his job
I know she is looking for a husband and I hope she will find
"Mr Right" soon!!!
speaking of my sister...
Amanda knows everything about "swing" and fashion.
But she is also the expert on
Here is Dad and his friend Frank.
They went looking for a job.
Unfortunately, they couldn't
find one…
My younger brother Joey protesting with his friends…
Once, my dad went to one of the popular big bands in the city where people played Jazz music. The big band instruments included percussion, piano and brass instruments such as saxophone and trumpets.
Our family loves to listen to Jazz music on the radio, it is cheaper than going to Jazz concerts in the city.
My elder sister, Amanda, loves to dance in the swing clubs at the city.
It looks like this
At their free time kids and teenagers used to do all kinds of thing including: playing musical instruments or just listening to music, reading, play with dolls, go for walks, play football, draw doing home work. And
Although I'm a city boy, I don't spend all my time at home...
I will never forget that awful week...
my life as I knew it, was about

to change
This is how our family and other families spend their afternoons.
We just sit and listen to programs on the radio.
I'll never forget the day when I heard that New Jersey was under attack. Although it was Halloween and we knew that this was a big lie, people packed and left the city... We didn't.
So...Do you want to hear it?
Here is a photo of my elder sister, Amanda.
Until her dream comes true, Mom found some cheap fabrics and she sew Amanda some simple skirts and nice blouses.
Amanda loves reading the advice column in the magazines, she reads all the tips and advice about dating.
I don't know if it really works but I hope so...
However, there was no money left to spend on new shoes, so Jane volunteered to help mend Amanda's shoe...
I don't know if it really works but I hope so...
Amanda loves to read fashion magazines, where she sees impressive women wearing long coats,
hats with feathers and gloves. She dreams that one day she will look like them.
That's a
of me
playing ball
with my
But enough said about everyone else...
Lets talk about the most interesting person
in the entire family...
ME !
here's me
building a
with my
This picture shows two
of my friends playing the Violin.
My family does not have a lot of money,
however, we still bought a radio.
This is our first radio:
you know...
The paper actually said radios helped lower the level of violence...
No kid in the Thirties grew up without some little job. I ran errands for neighbors, climbed poles to hang clotheslines for ladies, helped on a bread truck on Saturday, I even helped selling apples.
Look at us!
We are playing
Johnny on a Pony
Chris loved telling
made up stories
to the neighborhood kids...
games because our parents thought store-bought games were
a waste of hard-earned money.
There are two teams: one team goes off and hides. The other team counts to some number like 30 and then goes looking for them... Both teams have a park bench jail, and whichever team captures all of the other team's members, wins. Often, the game would go on so long that it was called on account of darkness
Dave's homemade scooter
You already know that at home we listen to the radio, but we do other things as well...
When I was older I saved money to buy tickets to Charlie Chaplain's new movie "Modern Times"
When I was 12 years old I envied people went to movies. Movies were too expensive for our family.
this is the main street as I remember it
And that is the popular theater at the city
Here is the funniest part from the movie
The movie describes the new age where machines replace the simple workers. Chaplain plays a worker at a factory where the boss made a machine that can feed the workers. He thinks that the machine is revolutionary and can save time.
My little brother Joey admired the movie "The Wizard Of Oz".
He saw the movie when he was 7 years old.
A Teenager's life in the 30's
Presented by:
Noa Aharon
Roni Avdar
Noa Taub
Ilan Kaminker

Also starring:
Eden Nahari & Liza Pupkov

If kids were really lucky, their parents would buy them the new hit game ''monopoly''.
My sister Amanda was also a fan of movies.
Her favorite movie was "Gone With The Wind" which was based on the novel.
The End of an Era
In the late 1930s, the Great Depression was weakening, but many Americans were still poverty stricken. Americans watched as Nazis became more powerful and took over neighboring countries. With the invasion of Poland, World War II erupted in Europe.

The suffering American economy was given a boost when the fighting countries needed supplies and looked to America to make them. The desperate need for soldiers, pilots, and workers to make ammunition, weaponry, and air and sea craft all contributed to the end of the Great Depression.
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