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Nada AlZahrani Co-op Presentation

No description

Fetoun AlZahrani

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Nada AlZahrani Co-op Presentation

Nada AlZahrani Milena Flament Final Coop presentation Proponent of the
"Flipped" Classroom Princess Nora Bint Abdul Rahman University Outline •Recommendations •PNU profile
•Field experience Achievements
Difficulties and Challenges
Relevant courses PNU Profile First women University in KSA New campuses Opened on Sep, 2011 Tasks 1st Month Orientation month Problems categories E-helpline incident management system E-Podium Hardware Problems Software Problems Network problems Printers Problems Photocopy machine problems Cisco IP Phone problems It used to register any problem/request from users, classify the request/ problem and assign it to the intended IT colleague. Components: PC
Speaker It is a device that controls all the classroom's components by an internal control unit along with special software. 2nd Month PNU's Conference and Conventions center Coordinate E-Podium and Smart board training Preparing classrooms for students E-Podium Cloning /Ghosting Computer cloning is a process that involves setting up the operating system, drivers, software, and patches on a single computer, then automatically replicating this same setup on other computers using special software . 3rd Month Daily routine work Three major tasks Content preparation for smart board and E-podium training sessions. Classroom preparation for smart board and E-podium training sessions Computer labs preparation for Microsoft office training session Team leader for the technical support team in college of arts HP service manager demo 4th Month 4 Daily routine work Requested devices for administrative members in the college of Arts Lecture hall Solve network connection problems with Eng.Eman Abu Alwafa from Wipro Setup members' handhelds devices Operate and support audio and visual graduate level discussions for both master and PHD participants 5th Month Daily routine work Requested devices for members in the college of arts departments VDIs problems Participated with IT team in early childhood international conference in PNU's Conference and Conventions center 3 majors tasks Responsible for providing support to media center Responsible for providing support to workshops Responsible for registration 6th Month Requested copy machines

Responsible for operating and providing support for audio\video conference calls in the meeting rooms

Visited the IDF rooms to check patch panel, switches and cables connection.

Preparing the Copy center for the students Field Experiences Nada AlZahrani Ms.Omarine AlRafie VDI Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Intermediate distribution frame (IDF) is a cable rack for managing and interconnecting the telecommunications cable between end user devices and a main distribution frame (MDF) 7th Month Requested Laptops

Problems with copy machines due to the big usage during final exams

Many problems with IP Phones Thank You :) Provide technical support for each end user request Check for pending tickets in e-help line system. Check the tasks received by email. E-Help Line System Achievements Difficulties & Challenges Relevant Courses Recommendations A. Technical Skills B. Interpersonal Skills Discover my inner creativty
Communication Skills
Awareness of users' personalities from various levels in the organization.
Self-Control New software
E-Help Lina Application
Computer Cloning using Norton Ghost C. Management Skills Self Confidence
Time MAnegement
Decision Making Attendance & Policies Awareness about the organization Patience Not assigning accounts for email & ehelp Huge number of tasks CS330: Introduction to Operating Systems
CS331: Data Communication & Computer NEtworks
IS370: Project Management
CS336: Network Operations & Administration CS391: Network & Computer Security
CS355: Computer Arcitecture
Com201: Communication Skills
Bus101: Introduction to Business
PSY101: Introdction to Psychology
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