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KIPP Character Traits

No description

Cecilia Gilmore

on 14 August 2013

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Transcript of KIPP Character Traits

Now that you know the 7 character traits.

You have knowledge of the skills you will need to be successful in school, college, and life

But first you have to practice
Character Traits

What do those mean?
To push through; not giving up

Social Intelligence
excitement and energy
controlling one's actions
looking for the best in a situation
Being thankful
realizing that there are other people beside yourself,
like working together
a desire to know
1. Your advisory teacher will count you off in groups of 5

2. An envelop will be given to one person per group. DO NOT OPEN THE ENVELOP.

3.When I say "Allez-y" you will find and match the situations on the small slips of paper to each character trait.

4. Your volume level should be a level 0

5. When all of the character traits are matched with the situations on slips of paper, one person from your group will raise their hand for your advisory teacher to check.

6. Matched correctly= PRIZE

7. Questions
Directions for Activity.
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