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Sarah Boone


Amber Taft

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of Sarah Boone

By:Serena and Amber Sarah Boone Facts about Sarah Boone -Ironing Board-1892 Ironing Board "Then" The ironing board has cushion,made of metal,and has a place to hold the iron. Interesting Facts Interesting Fact From then until now the ironing board has made some massive improvements. People all over still use her invention til' this day. Born March 7, 1878 Died in the 1900's Her Invention Lived near New Haven, Conneticut "there is very little known about her life." Ironing Board "NOW" The ironing board then was made of wood, and has a different type of shape. Prior to her invention of the ironing board...people were still forced to simply use a table and pieces of wood. Her first U.S. patent numbered 473,653 was granted to her in April 26, 1892. Was an African American and former slave
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