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History of Comics 2013

No description

Stephanie Katz

on 11 April 2014

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Transcript of History of Comics 2013

History of Comics
Little Nemo in Slumberland, by Windsor McCay, begins running in the New York Herald. This is the first comic with a continuing storyline.
Superman, the first ever superhero, makes his first appearance in comics. "The Bat-Man" made his first appearance a year later.
Steve Rogers is given a super-soldier serum and a mighty shied, becoming Captain America
Charles Schulz's Peanuts, the most profitable comic strip of all time, begins its 50-year run.
Marvel adds another two superheros: Spider-Man and The Hulk.
Garfield begins his long nap in the nation's newspapers.
Calvin and Hobbes, an imaginative boy and his stuffed tiger, begins its daily newspaper run.
The first American edition of Shonen Jump is released. It included installments of Yu-Gi-Oh! and One Piece.
Belgian Artist Herge creates an adventure story of a boy and his dog, Tintin. Tintin is still being published in 30 languages.
The original Batman TV series begins.
DC Comics introduces Sugergirl, cousin of Superman.
The number of superhero movies exploded during the new millennium. Four comic-based movies were released this past summer.
The 2000s also began a new phenomenon of graphic novel versions of classic and popular books.
DC introduces Wonder Woman, designed by psychiatrist William Marston to embody female ideals of heroism.
What's Happening at Mana-Con
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