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My Personal Learning Environment - the digital resources I use for learning

Bilal Salameh

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of My PLE

My Personal Learning Environment Programs This program allows me to create precise graphs from the most complicated of data. It saves me the time and effort of having to calculate everything myself and also provides the required formulae. Word 2007 The latest edition of Word has proved to be invaluable in my time at university. The easy to use interface and the myriad of different features that Word possesses has helped me create good lab reports as well as improving the presentation. This is easily the program I use the most. Excel 2007 This has been used primarily to create tables, graphs and to compare data. Relatively simple to use and like GraphPad, it saves me having to do all the calculations myself. . Internet My main research tool and my gateway
to almost all my resources for learning Wikipedia Portal Desktop anywhere Email Especially useful for correspondence during group projects VLE University online resources These included e-books to refresh my Chemistry and Maths skills (particularly useful as I had a gap year before), websites and recommended reading lists. Podcasts In mp3 format for the Pharmacology module - used as revision on the bus on the way to the exam Lectures These were supplied as e-lectures and/or as powerpoint slides. Probably the most important resource for me. The Web 2.0 technology used in the wikis allowed me to easily complete the wiki exercise for the Endocrinology module. As this was a group project, we could all easily add, change or delete anything on the wiki. It also proved a useful revision tool for the incourse Endocrinology exam. This feature on the university portal allowed me to connect to my uni desktop from home - this was especially useful during holidays and also allowed me to access programs which I do not have at home. Where would we be without google? Arguably, the most important website in the world, this search engine has been instrumental in my learning. Again, Google points me in the right direction as opposed to being totally reliant on it. This online encyclopedia gives me an overview of the topic I'm researching. Of course I do not rely on it and make sure to check the sources it uses, nevertheless it certainly points me in the right direction. This was used in the first semester - as a revision tool in order to help me cope with the large quantity of new content. I use a variety of different programs, of which I will show only the ones that I use regularly. Here we have a short video intruducing the different uses of Graphpad An interesting video 'guide' for students using Wikipedia - a lot of valid points are made One of the many videos I used from YouTube to help me learn.
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