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Robert de Lasalle

No description

Ja'don Gaynor

on 1 October 2013

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Transcript of Robert de Lasalle

Robert de Lasalle
Lasalle's Explorations
Reasoning for Exploration
Lasalle explores the great lakes because he has always wanted to discover a route to china. Lasalle wanted to see if the great lakes would harbor that route. King Louis XIV wanted to establish a fur trade route. This is why the exploration of the Mississippi mainly took place.
How the Exploration Affected Natives and France
Before Lasalle explored the great lakes he and his men built a fort. On the way back they found that their fort had been burned down. The men abandoned their posts and robbed supply stores. Lasalle lost plenty of resources and men. When Lasalle finished his exploration of the Mississippi river he clamed most of the present day United States for France. Then Lasalle went to the new world again with four ships. Later on however he ended up with none and was stranded in present day Texas. Lasalle decides to build a fort. It came to Lasalle's interest to settle in that land. Sadly, however Lasalle was shot and killed by five mutineers. Shortly after every one in the fort was killed by Karankawa indians.
The renaissance was the return of art and culture. People started inventing and making sense of the world again. People started looking for new ways to expand there land and fortune. Before this time of new coming there was rough times. Rome fell and people scattered. The world was disorientated. There was very few rich people, alot of very poor people and no in between. These were the dark ages.

Lasalle explored the great lakes for two years. Lasalle then explored the the Mississippi river from the great lakes all the way to the river emptied in the gulf of Mexico. Lasalle was the first explorer to fully explore the entire lengh of the Mississippi river.
He established a large and quick route for trade and claimed a large piece of North America for France. Lasalle must be missed and remembered by the French.
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